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Boris Gryzlov has laid hopes on the new chief

In the Eagle on Monday evening with short-term visit the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Boris Gryzlov has visited. It has presented to local militiamen of their new chief Leonid Pashin which headed before regional UGIBDD. The minister waits from colonel Pashin of improvement of indicators of work of the Oryol militiamen. Mister Pashin does not hide that in its department already in the near future there will be big personnel shifts. The Minister of Internal Affairs also has met the Oryol governor Egor Stroev and has agreed with it about joint actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and administration of the region in struggle against criminality. Then Boris Gryzlov as the chairman of a high council an United Russia has answered questions of members of regional branch of this party.       as informed both #132; and #147; (On March, 15th), the former head of the Oryol regional Department of Internal Affairs the general - major Ilya Savchenko half a year has headed Novocherkassk Suvorovsky school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Rostov region back. All this time of a duty of the chief of the main Oryol militiaman was executed by the first deputy colonel Gennady Filonov.
      representing Leonid Pashin, Boris Gryzlov has told that it personally lays hopes on Leonid Vasilevicha . The minister did not begin to hide that in the Ministry of Internal Affairs are very dissatisfied with work of the Oryol law enforcement bodies in the last two days. According to Boris Gryzlov, on the basic indicators of work for last year the Oryol Department of Internal Affairs takes last place in TSFO. In the Oryol region the quantity of murders and grave crimes in the last two days has twice increased, and raskryvaemost crimes has sharply decreased. Besides it, the quantity of the police officers involved to criminal and a disciplinary responsibility has twice increased.
      Boris Gryzlov has told that change of the Oryol chief of the Department of Internal Affairs   - usual rotation of shots which passes across all Russia. As he said, for the last half a year chiefs of the regional Departments of Internal Affairs were replaced in Tver, Kaluga, on Sakhalin and in Belgorod.
      the new chief of the Oryol Department of Internal Affairs Leonid Pashin has promised to strengthen demand from heads of all structural divisions of the Department of Internal Affairs. at the expense of staff of the device of the Department of Internal Affairs we will create two militian patrols which will supervise behaviour of workers of militia during performance of duty and to help them in case of need   - colonel Pashin has declared. Besides it, all drivers of the Oryol Department of Internal Affairs will pass tests on knowledge of traffic regulations and examinations in practical driving.
      After Leonid Pashin Boris Gryzlov`s representation has held the closed meeting with governor Egor Stroev. As yesterday have informed in a press - service of the Oryol regional administration, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Oryol governor talked about strengthening of the law and order and legality in the Oryol region and strengthening of security of citizens. Boris Gryzlov and Egor Stroev have agreed about joint actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and administration of the region in struggle against criminality. During conversation development of modern political movements, participation of parties and public organisations in country life was discussed also.
      then as the party leader an United Russia mister Gryzlov has met an active of the local organisation of this party. On a meeting with Boris Gryzlov two hundreds Party members have come. They asked to the leader the most various questions. On a question on what measures will be accepted on support of domestic agricultural manufacturers, mister Gryzlov has answered that We can buy tangerines abroad, but sour cream should eat the . The question and on how the problem with homeless children dares has sounded. Minister Gryzlov has bragged that following the results of last year thanks to work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the quantity of such children in Russia has decreased for 20 %.
      On a press - conferences following the results of visit Boris Gryzlov has declared that party an United Russia should create the party mass media. As he said, today many mass-media with pleasure publish materials oppositional an United Russia . The leader an United Russia considers that the state which should provide stability in work of mass-media, today and in the near future should not leave structure of the joint-stock companies forming mass-media . Moreover, I consider necessary to create and the mass-media   - party to explain the positions   - Mister Gryzlov has told.
      late at night on Monday minister Gryzlov has returned to Moscow.