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The Internet became wireless

Since April, first in Petersburg the first wireless network of data transmission on technology Wi - Fi will earn. The operator “ Kvantum “ has decided to mount it in territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress and asserts that soon, sitting on a bench at St. Peter`s Cathedral and Pavel, it will be possible to get to the Internet for speed of 11 Mbit/ c. In parallel similar pilot project is developed by the company “ Komset “. In common they can bring to nothing efforts of city operators of cellular communication on introduction of services of high-speed data transmission. Networks Wi - Fi allow to provide access to the Internet for the speed to 56 Mbit/ with. However, to make it it is possible only in special points (hot - spot) where base stations and aerials Wi - Fi are established. From the subscriber presence of the laptop or the pocket computer plus a network card with the radio interface in cost of $30 - 80 is required. The Operative range of one point hot - spot - 100 metres around direct visibility.
In Petersburg development of networks Wi - Fi was simultaneously started at once by two companies - “ Kvantum “ and “ Computer networks “ (“ Komset “) . “ Kvantum “ plans to start since April, first in test operation network Wi - Fi around cathedral Cā’ņīćī of Peter and Pavel in the Peter and Paul Fortress. The second such point will be opened in club cafe “ Water area “ in the middle of April. The operator does not plan to raise from users money for services of access to a network at least half a year. “ we want to accustom people to new service and to learn demand for it “ - has informed the expert in public relations “ Kvantuma “ Ekaterina Pankratov.
at the company “ Komset “ more scale plans. The operator intends to enclose only in test operation in Wi - Fi about $200 thousand On these means till May, 15th 10 points hot - spot will be created. “ Komset “ also as well as “ Kvantum “ yet does not assume to raise money for access to the Internet through the points hot - spot. “ During tests we want to involve in partners the maximum quantity of restaurants and hotels “ - the general director " has informed; Komseta “ Igor Korsakov. By data, “ Komset “ has had time to get support of corporation Intel which has started a conclusion to the local market of new processor Centrino which initially has the built in means of a radio access to networks Wi - Fi. As have informed in Intel, it is a question about joint with “ Komsetom “ marketing actions for which the manufacturer is ready to spend some tens thousand dollars.
if networks Wi - Fi will be widely adopted in Petersburg and to get to the Internet it will be possible from any public place the operators of cellular communication positioning the networks not only as a transmission medium of a voice, but also the data first of all will suffer. SkyLink, for example, always considered possibility of high-speed access to a network by means of the tubes as one of the main advantages of standard CDMA2000.
it is clear that at distribution of networks Wi - Fi it will be more interesting to user to get to the Internet for the speed in 11 - 56 Mbit/ with, than for the speed 70 - 90 Kbit/ with (such speed provides CDMA2000). However, now in SkyLink adhere to other point of view and assure that give a priority to voice communication services.
commercial operation of services GPRS (access to the Internet with GSM - tubes for the speed 20 - 30 Kbit/ the operator " in parallel begins; the Megaphone “ which plans to start to take a payment for GPRS since April, first at a rate of $0,4 for mbyte in the afternoon and $0,1 for mbyte at night.