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To Valery Serdjukovu have presented as early as a year

Yesterday regional ZakS the new law on elections of the chief executive of region has passed as a whole. As a result operating governor Valery Serdjukov has received real chance to stay on the post of 14 years on end. However, for this purpose it should be overcome on the nearest elections with serious enough opponents in which number, speak, it can appear and Vladimir Jakovlev. The new law on elections of the governor of Leningrad region distinguish from strarogo three moments: term of governor`s powers is increased with 4 till 5 years, the institute of financial representatives of each candidate is entered - now they can independently dispose of means of selective funds, and also the principle of formation territorial and local izbikomov (they will be created under regional election committee instructions) is changed. In the rest the law repeats the former: kadidatu in governors should be not less than 30 years and its selective fund should not exceed 30000 minimum wage rates. For the over-expenditure of fund more, than on 5 %, the competitor remove from a distance. It is possible to be put forward on pledge (15 % from izbirfonda) or through petition (2 % from number of all registered voters). The appearance threshold in the first round is lowered from 25 % to 20 %, and in the second on - former is absent at all.
Governor`s elections expect Leningrad region in September if certainly, the decision to combine them with the Duma is not accepted. Yesterday the speaker of regional parliament Vitaly Klimov has declared to the correspondent that a question on combination seriously it is not discussed yet . We will remind that under the decision of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, Leningrad region is included into number of those regions which heads can consider the present term of appointment for zero . And consequently governor Serdjukov can participate in elections successively twice still. Thus, with acceptance of the new law on elections of the chief executive of region it can apply on 14 - a summer irremovability.
to stand governor Serdjukov has declared desire in the beginning of March - at once after returning from business trip to Bulgaria where it flied as a part of the governmental delegation together with president Vladimir Putin. The governor has declared that at it there is enough forces and health and also is necessary experience . According to the governor, he watches closely the potential competitors, in which number Vladimir Jakovlev and eks - the head of Leningrad region, and nowadays the senator from Vladimir region Vadim Gustov. About it mister Serdjukov says that it is ready to struggle with any competent head .
Poimio of the law on elections of the governor, in poveste yesterday`s session was registered also a question on election of representative ZakSa in Sofet Federations. Details on p. 15