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Public prosecutor LenVo became the deputy minister of justice

Yesterday it became known that president Vladimir Putin has appointed eks - the public prosecutor of the Leningrad military district Oleg Hlupina the deputy minister of justice of the Russian Federation. The head of the state has signed the corresponding decree still on March, 20th. The general - the major of justice Oleg Hlupin headed Office of Public Prosecutor LenVo with 1994 - go till summer of 2002. From a post of the chief of district Office of Public Prosecutor the deserved lawyer of the Russian Federation has been sent in resignation in connection with a length of service.
the deputy minister was born on June, 18th, 1947 in Primorski Territory. Service of the beginnings in 1967 after the termination of the Tashkent tank school. Served as the commander of a tank platoon, then a reconnaissance platoon in group of the Soviet armies in Germany. Participated in events of 1968 in Czechoslovakia. In 1974 mister Hlupin has finished faculty of law Military - political academy of a name of Lenin. Was the assistant to the military public prosecutor in Turkmen military district (accepted participated in the Afghani war), in Army of antiaircraft defence of the Leningrad garrison, in LenVO, in Far East military district. Since December, 1994 military public prosecutor LenVo. In the summer of 2002 on this post it was replaced by the colonel of justice Igor Lebed (before this appointment the colonel the Swan fulfilled duties of the military public prosecutor of the Black Sea fleet).
the General - lieutenant Hlupin has got popularity thanks to a number of the large affairs investigated by district Office of Public Prosecutor. Among them, in particular, criminal cases about illegal currency transactions with use of an isotope of osmium, about abusings of the former chief of back of association of armies of air defence, about large plunders in one of representations of the Minister of Defence and about excess of powers by the higher officers Leningrad military - sea base (LenVMB) the Baltic fleet.