Rus News Journal


business news
the third writing-book
Rosaviakosmos struggles with the American influence
p. 13
Agency demands to reduce a share of the foreign investor in Open Society the Aircraft engine

Oligarchs will improve business ethics
p. 14
the National board on corporate governance

the Russian banks all Is created sell the American money
p. 15
the Dollar exchange rate thus does not fall

TVs will connect to the Internet
p. 20
In Russia there are first multiservice networks

a policy more actively, a society
the first writing-book
Michael Kasyanov declared April major month of year
p. 2
Then the decisions directed on acceleration of rates of economic growth

" can be made; it is very good that our district was left by a martinet
p. 3
Valentina Matvienko has held the first meeting with heads of regions Severo - the Western district

the Authorities of Great Britain have begun extradition procedure to Russia Boris Berezovsky
p. 4
Police has left it on freedom on the security

Tatars never also did not live anywhere easy
p. 8
Left the first volume seven-languid Stories of Tatars

the culture, sports
the fourth writing-book
the Baldinsky collection will not return
p. 21
At least in the promised terms

Oleg Kulik has exposed a stuffed animal of the cosmonaut
p. 21
On turn - a carcass Naomi Campbell

In Ki - Biskejne of the family ending will not be
p. 24
Megan Shonessi has separated sisters Williams