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The podzvezdnyj world

Wednesday, on March, 26th
absolutely uninteresting and inefficient day for any affairs. The moon goes without a course within all days. And among other planets only Venus and Mars form weak intense aspect.
so important events are improbable. Positive there is no place to wait, and some troubles all - taki are possible as consequence our carelessness and disorder.
any begun business will go not how is conceived, and will not lead to useful result. But it is possible to hand over tax reports and to pass medical tests for dangerous illnesses - in such cases absence of serious results to you only on a hand.
regions of the greatest intensity last days March are vicinities of Los - Andzhelesa, Lisbon, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Japan, the countries of the Western Africa, such as Senegal and Liberia. But the most important thing that the intense power mentions also Moscow.
trips and travel to such day are better be not to beginning. Any contacts to technics demand the raised care. The quantity of failures can increase. The big physical activity is counter-indicative.
in private life, love day unsuccessful. Conflicts and disappointments are possible. In home life it is necessary to be guided not by emotions, and call of duty.
for health also adverse day. Headaches, bleedings, infringements of a metabolism, a problem with oporno - the impellent device and a skin are possible.
Arieses will test disharmony, especially concerning beauty and love. Any monetary operations are unsuccessful. Possibilities in career are deceptive.
Tauruses should not show physical and strong-willed activity. Unsuccessful day for trips. Difficulties in study.
twins can be deceived in monetary affairs, and also in love. Only late at night there will be possibilities for successful work.
cancers cannot achieve result in what. Relations with partners are ineffectual, with strangers be more careful.
lions should protect health. Problems in labour collective and with the employed workers are possible. Behave more modestly.
maidens should not risk. Bad day both for work, and for entertainments. It is dangerous superfluous nervous and physical activity.
scales can enter the conflict, including house. Any activity will lead only to energy loss.
scorpions should not hope for success neither in money, nor in love. It is necessary to be limited to small current work.
at Sagittariuses problems, first of all in material sphere are possible. Do not risk, limit expenses, avoid purchases.
Capricorns can appear victims of psychological attack. Try not to react to emotions. In work inefficient day.
Aquarius should not come across in a trap in love. Unsuccessful purchases and investments are possible. Secret enemies can be shown.
fishes should be more attentive to define false friends and is simple enemies. Collective affairs now will not give result.

Thursday, on March, 27th
Favorable day. The moon is in a freedom-loving sign on Aquarius and does harmonious aspect with the Sun. Considering also favorable aspects of Merkurija, this day approaches for serious work in business. Certainly, on the decreasing Moon it is not necessary to begin absolutely new affairs, it is better to carry out the next stage in big, before begun to work.
Jupiter and Saturn form small intense aspect that is a major landmark in a world twenty years` business cycle. Possible difficulties and crises of these days will specify in ways of probable development of a world economic situation to the nearest some years.
Vecherom Merkury harmoniously co-operates with the Neptune, and Venus passes as a sign of Fishes. During such period feelings, emotions become aggravated. This good time for love. Employment by water sports will benefit. Suitable evening for visiting of theatres and concerts, and also for dialogue with the nature. The success at art workers is possible.
in the morning and in the evening, and especially the intuition that will help to make the correct decision as in work, business, and in private life at night will be aggravated.
all the day long approaches for brainwork and all kinds of trips. The intense situation is more probable in California, on Iberian peninsula, in the Western Africa and tsentralnoaziatskih the states.
for health day favorable. Some vulnerability vessels of the bottom extremities possess.
Arieses can collect round themselves collective of adherents for serious and interesting business. Successful day for mental work.
Tauruses will manage to find or increase the popularity, especially if you are occupied by creative activity. Good time for love and friendship.
twins it is achieved success in work if will go a nonconventional way in the morning. Second half of day is favorable for employment by art and dialogue with water.
cancers will manage to win round authoritative and men of weight. Suitable day for financial operations, and in private life - for intimate relations.
lions can favorably communicate with partners in private life, and also with foreign friends and partners.
maidens since morning can visit serious official body, receive necessary documents. And evening is good for dialogue with water, art and the nature.
scales will find many the pleasant moments in love, art and sports. Good day for dialogue with children. There is a possibility to improve health.
scorpions can feel free enough and pay attention to the hobbies. The house situation is favorable.
Sagittariuses can face bureaucracy in work and negative emotions in private life. Relations with colleagues and your consumers are complicated.
Capricorns should work for achievement of the concrete practical purposes and not be fond of strategic concepts, morals and ideology.
Aquarius will establish interesting and mutually advantageous business relations, will receive the necessary information. Good day for trips and creative activity.
fishes will become successful in commerce and intellectual work. With it to you will help both calculation, and intuition. Evening is good for the employment connected with an aesthetics.