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we Will die on ice for the native land

the World championship on figure skating

For silver prize-winners of the Olympic Games and world champions of 2002 of dancers of IRINA LOBACHEVOJ and ILYA AVERBUHA the present World championship in the USA - last in career. They could find good reasons and not arrive to America, having left sports by owners of the higher title. However, despite threat to lose the rank from - for the reasons of completely not sports character, the Russian figure skaters who have given to interview in Washington to the correspondent VALERYS - MIRONOVOJ, intend to fight up to the end.
- with what mood you have arrived on the last World championship?
And. A: Our emotions unequivocal precisely you will not name. If the World championship passed in any European country, we would be almost assured that necessarily it we will win. Being guided, it is natural, only on level of own driving. And here we distinctly understand that on our driving very many, alas, does not depend. Are too strong, we will tell so, political grounds.
- judging by hardly more to an appreciation which have received for obligatory dance occupied in the subgroup as well as you in the, the first place Canadians of She - Lynn Burn and Victor Kraatts, judges and further will drag them out very much?
And. A: After the Olympic Games where Canadians became only the fourth, we them already unsettled, have easily beaten and in the World championship. But then they - I consider, specially - have passed all this season that with anybody not to face and not to start over again to lose.
- and a trauma of the partner to which they referred, - a bluff?
And. A: For hundred percent, of course, it is not assured, but nevertheless I think, it was the tactical move. All the matter is that Canadians aspire to receive now a gold medal, so to say, for long service and press on all levers which are accessible to them. Spread it all over that, say, they so long were smothered by all who only could.
And. L: And if to remember history them it is consecutive, long before us, bypassed Anzhelika Krylov - Oleg Ovsyannikov, Marina Anisina - Gvendal Pejzera, Barbara Fuzar - Weed - Mauritsio Margalo, Margarita Drobjazko - Povilas Vanagas. Then we at last have bypassed... And all of them this time so on one place also floundered.
- the gold medal, apparently, is necessary not only to dancers, but it is even more - the Canadian federation of figure skating at which this year the contract with television comes to an end?
And. A: On a being, Burn and Kraatts - unique today the Canadian figure skaters who can support prestige of the federation. After all if they win here gold will raise thus interest of the public to figure skating, so, the federation will sign the new contract with television and, as consequence, will receive considerable means for own ability to live.
- and you, understanding all it, have not trembled any more hour?
And. L: We have indeed appeared in an uneasy situation. Judge for yourself: on all to see that here will necessarily win Tatyana Totmjanina - Maxim Marinin and Evgenie Pljushchenko. And here three gold Russians for America already, whatever one may do, mnogovato.
and. A: And nevertheless to surrender in advance we do not gather. Knowingly eventually here have arrived. Though, I will not hide, the reasons not to participate in this World championship, we could find set. And very much even valid, beginning, for example, with war in Iraq. But in this case all our contenders would know that we is simple spasovali, and the main thing - comprehension of own cowardice for ever a nail would sit down at ourselves. After all in life still it is necessary to face any one million situations when, to prove to itself and associates that you are a person, it will be necessary to go and fight. Though easier, of course, to recede or bypass acute angles.
- and many your colleagues, realising all danger, would not risk on a threshold of end of career the title...
And. A: We are glad that have not trembled. Also that here as a result will occur, not too important. The title of world champions at us anyway already is, and anybody will not take away it. And we will leave the first or the second - for history it not the superimportant fact. We were met here by Tatyana Tarasova, has embraced and has told: I respect strong people . Here its this estimation for us on - to the present is important and significant. To run a distance it is necessary up to the end.
- it is valid, for millions your fans you will occupy not so important, what place. The main thing that in their memory you remain as unusually spiritualised, solar and, certainly, charismatic duet...
And. A: We very much hope for support first of all, Russian, publics, what here with us happens. One now depends On us only: whether we through ourselves can pass all numerous but to overcome something in itself. After all we though have not won the Olympic Games, but all the same we consider ourselves as its winners.
And. L: Yes we will not lose here. We will die there, on ice. For the native land.