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The American have shot, when it has arrived to Russia to mother


In Moscow have shot the director of Open Company the Clever technics the citizen of the USA 39 - summer Boris Isarevicha. On versions of the investigation, a crime, most likely, it is connected with business in which mister Isarevich was engaged.
the Kuntsevsky Office of Public Prosecutor investigating murder, has already restored its circumstances. According to the investigation, nearby 21. 00 Boris Isarevich has approached on the Mercedes With - 280 on the house in the street Tolbukhin where lives his mother at whom it has stopped, having arrived to Moscow from the USA on affairs of the firm.
having parked the car near the house, mister Isarevich has gone to an entrance. During this moment from standing nearby VAZ - 21099 left the unknown man and has some times shot at mister Isarevicha from a small-caliber pistol. Bullets have got to it to a back, the left hand and a neck. Having decided that its victim is dead, the murderer has jumped in ninety ninth And that has dashed away from a scene.
however Boris Isarevich was still live. Having regained consciousness, it has found forces to reach the apartment and has told mothers about an event. The woman has caused fast and militia, however, while those went, the businessman has died from wounds.
having learnt that the citizen of the USA is killed, on a scene heads of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor, and also representatives of the American embassy have there and then left. So special attention of agents of national security spoke events in Iraq, however, as was found out, murder in Moscow has no relation to war. On versions of the investigation, a crime, most likely, it is connected with business in which mister Isarevich was engaged in Russia. Recently it has organised firm which began to sell computers and office equipment in capital. However, having sent to clients two large parties of computers, mister Isarevich has suspended deliveries: there were any problems with partners. Probably, it became the reason of its murder.
however, Boris Isarevicha Roman`s heading realtor firm " the younger brother; OSK - Service has declared to inspectors that does not know that its relative had any problems. Anyway, he confirms, anybody never threatened the brother. Before, as he said, theft from office " was unique trouble, proisshedshej in a family; OSK - Service 2 million roubles last year.