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Tour operators have united under a tourist agency signboard

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Yesterday in Expocentre on Red Presne the Moscow international tourist exhibition " has opened; MITT ` 2003 . The announcement of alliance creation by large tour operators " became the main sensation of the first day of its work; Tez round Biblioglobus and the Tourist`s alliance . Experts of the market are assured that thus the companies wanted to raise the appeal in the opinion of foreign investors.
Tez round the Tourist`s alliance and Biblioglobus have made everything to inform visitors MITT ` 2003 that now they work together. Tez round and Biblioglobus used in registration of the stand a logo of a network of tourist agencies Where. ru entering into holding the Tourist`s alliance . Last, in turn, has placed names of both travel agencies on a pediment of the stand. Besides, logos Where. ru also it was possible to see on the catalogues of all three travel agencies let out to an exhibition.
participants of association declare that about any financial merge speech does not go. As they said, while intensive consultations about a cooperation format proceed. the definitive arrangement is not reached, negotiations proceed - the general representative " speaks; Tez round in Russia Alexander Sinigibsky. In a tourist`s alliance assert that nevertheless it is possible to speak about intermediate results of negotiations. it is a question of interosculation of technologies of booking and sale of rounds - the media director " has declared; the Tourist`s alliance Bogdan Kurilko. In Biblioglobuse this information confirm. we continue to discuss technologies of teamwork - the head of the company Alexander Tugolukov has informed.
As it was possible to find out, tour operators intend to create uniform system of sales of permits. In this season of the company will test the following scheme of work. a tourist`s alliance gives the to partners the software allowing on-line to sell rounds of all three companies by means of uniform computer system of booking through a retail network Where. ru . Tez round and Biblioglobus recognised leaders on the basic mass directions of a summer season - Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus, provide networks a wide spectrum of offers.
experts of the market are assured that is primary founders of an alliance expected to raise the investment appeal in the opinion of German tourist concern TUI which till yesterday planned to enter the Russian market in this spring (see the material this page). It is obvious that it is simply next dancings round a fire, - the chairman of board of directors of a network of tourist agencies ` considers Shop of burning permits ` Andrey Ozolin. - ` the tourist`s alliance ` wanted to make as it is possible bolshee impression on German concern TUI which till today searched for the partner for work in Russia. I know well that about any merge of capitals of participants of this association speech does not go - only placing of logos . According to mister Ozolinja if participants of association assumed that TUI will refuse expansion on the Russian market, they have hardly taken such step.