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Military dispatchers will earn additionally on the citizen

As has informed to Interfax the head of department on use of air space and air traffic control (IVP and the Department of Internal Affairs) at the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation the general - lieutenant Michael Kizilov, preparation of civil and military aviadispatchers will be unified. Transfer of the military and civil Department of Internal Affairs into uniform technology is for this purpose provided. Working out of the unified programs will occupy a minimum half a year, and transition to the unified preparation - a problem of several years. In FGUP Corporation of the Department of Internal Affairs and in airlines on the statement of the representative of the Minister of Defence yet do not make comments. The president of Federation of trade unions of aviadispatchers Sergey Kovalev has declared that attempts of unification of preparation are unsuccessfully undertaken since 1992. But millions dollars and long training of military dispatchers at enterprises FGUP are for this purpose necessary. Besides, it is difficult to solve two more problems: To whom military dispatchers and how their interaction with civil dispatchers will be adjusted will submit.