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the USA and allies
For March, 26th the confirmed officially death toll of military men of forces of a coalition has reached losses of the parties of 42 persons - 22 Americans and 20 British. Still nearby 20 2 fighters of marines, most likely, sunk in the channel of a name of Saddam in area En - Nasirii are registered on missing persons, including. Near Basra 2 tankmen from 7 - j the British tank brigade were lost: their tank Challenger II has been lined by the armies. The major of the Air Forces of the USA, the wounded man on Sunday on March, 26th has died at explosion in a staff 101 - j divisions.
under En - Nadzhafom destroys 2 tanks Abrams M1.
According to CNN, from the war beginning the general losses of allies have made at least 45 persons. According to the Iraq data, by March, 26th it is killed more than 140 military men of a coalition, 8 planes, 8 helicopters and 58 units of armour are destroyed.
According to the Iraq authorities, from the war beginning it is killed and it is wounded about 1100 civilians, more than 500 of them - in En - Nasirii. The quantity of losses of army is not informed.
according to the Pentagon, for 25 - on March, 26th it is killed not less than 1 thousand Iraq military men, nearby 700 of them - in fight under En - Nadzhafom. About 500 fallen, according to broadcasting company Al - Jazeera, belonged to republican guards of Iraq.
number of the Iraq prisoners of war of the USA estimate 3,5 - 4 thousand persons. According to committee of chiefs of staffs of the USA, near Basra it is broken 51 - I the mechanised division of Iraq, a part of its military men have surrendered. According to Associated Press, in En - Nasirii the marines of the USA have grasped hospital, have captivated there 170 Iraq soldiers and have found out hidden tank T - 55.