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Baikal TSBK have not allowed to occupy from the World bank

Yesterday the general director of joint-stock company Baikal TSBK George Trifonov on a press - conferences in Irkutsk has declared that the industrial complex had problems with reception of the credit of the World bank (VB) on the decision of environmental problems. We will remind, VB offers BTSBK $22,4 million for 4 years under 10 % annual under the project of reconstruction of treatment facilities. $11 million more should enclose in it BTSBK. As mister Trifonov has declared, the Russian fund of federal property (Russian Federal Property Fund) at last meeting of shareholders BTSBK has blocked industrial complex assignation as a deposit under the credit though had the instruction of Minpromnauki to approve this offer.
the Russian Federal Property Fund operates 49 % of actions BTSBK. 51 % of actions BTSBK are supervised by the company Kontinental Management (KM), and purchase of controlling stock BTSBK by it at the former managers of industrial complex in many respects became counting on the credit.
According to mister Trifonova, the Russian Federal Property Fund explains the actions by a technical error, however in KM and administration of the Irkutsk region in it do not trust. Documents on scandalous voting BTSBK has directed to the government, and the KM already considers alternative sources of financing of the project of reconstruction of industrial complex. The extraordinary meeting of shareholders BTSBK on which the question on credit reception will be exposed on repeated voting on April, 10th will take place.
SERGEY - BERG, Irkutsk