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Direct speech

you as keep the originality?
Clara Luchko, the actress:
- I understand national culture, the literature, on the Kiev film studio, therefore originality much acted in film, I hope, has not lost. But in a family I one Ukrainian, therefore on feasts we sing Russian songs. I do not shout to the right - on the left that I the Ukrainian, do not hang out national pictures on walls. But the love to Ukraine at me in heart, I has grown there.

Vyacheslav Igrunov, the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on affairs of the CIS:
- I the radical inhabitant of Odessa. It not a nationality, and a way of life. Odessa has the subculture and consequently in Moscow there is a club of inhabitants of Odessa. While we keep the originality that we meet and we discuss where to take money for exhibitions, concerts, tour, otmechanie holidays. And in a broad sense for preservation of originality of Ukrainians, first of all language and folklore, it is very little made, and this contract very opportunely.

Yury Gejko conducting Autoradio and headings the Autoeducational program newspapers Komsomol truth :
- Hardly: gorilku I do not drink, fat especially I do not eat. It is difficult to me to keep originality. When I want to receive something from the wife, she answers me: gejko, give Crimea! and I would give, but I can not: gejkami in Ukraine called farm laborers, and what from the farm laborer to take?

Vitaly Korotich, the writer:
- the Ukrainian songs, as well as Russian, I do not sing: simply now it is not sung. Originality needs to be kept not an artificial way. It is necessary to develop our relations in all directions, to make so that in Russia TV programs of Ukraine were accepted. Recently the television of Ukraine shot about me a film, and there me have asked, where my house. I have answered that my house between Albania and Paraguay and me in it it is good.

Larissa Dolina, the singer:
- On holidays I cook the present Ukrainian borsch - dishes better and is more tasty simply is not present. And here fat I do not eat: too it is a lot of in it calories. At concerts always some songs I execute in an Ukrainian, and complaints from fellow countrymen on a pronunciation did not arrive yet. When I happen in Ukraine, friends always give to me gorilku, therefore houses it costs - both with pepper, and with sour cream, and with chocolate...