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The multinational corporation and Gazprom have discussed Kovyktu

Yesterday Alexey Miller has met at office Gazprom one more oil industry worker - the chairman of the board of the Tyumen oil company Victor Vekselberg`s (multinational corporation). A press - release which after a meeting has extended Gazprom was short: the Parties have discussed a realisation course kovyktinskogo the project . Gazprom the multinational corporation (it posesses 29,02 % of actions in Open Society Rusia Petroleum the operator of the project of development of the Kovyktinsky deposit) did not begin to open, about what misters Miller and Vekselberg spoke. The vice-president of the multinational corporation Dmitry Ivanov has only noted: It was the working meeting, such pass often enough .
we Will notice that positions Gazprom and the multinational corporations concerning development of deposits of Eastern Siberia (including Kovykty) essentially differ. It is visible from the analytical note prepared Gazprom For Ministry for the Power Generating Industry. As it affirms: Realization of the Kovyktinsky project in a kind considered now (that is the company ` Rusia Petroleum `. - ) enters more and more sharp and obvious contradiction with state interests of Russia, perspective problems of development of Eastern Siberia and the Far East and it is fraught with considerable underestimation of export cost of the Russian natural gas .
But in spite of the fact that Gazprom considers activity Rusia Petroleum absolutely unacceptable, Victor Vekselberg has met Alexey Miller in its office. It is possible to assume that rapprochement of positions Gazprom and Rusia Petroleum will occur at the expense of delivery of positions by last.