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the Megaphone has replaced head


As it became known, the general director of Open Society the Megaphone Yury Pavlenko has left the post. It will continue career as the vice-president of company Telia - Sonera. At the head of the cellular company the Megaphone the board of directors has decided to put Sergey Soldatenkov - the former head of Open Society severo - Western a TV set .
the Decision on personnel shifts was accepted board of directors the Megaphone on March, 24th. However from - for long procedures of registration of decisions of council of the communique about change of the head of the company till now has not followed. At office the Megaphone while refuse to make comments on this information. Does not give comments on this theme and mister Soldatenkov.
Yury Pavlenko has stayed the general director the Megaphone only eight months, it has been appointed in July of last year. Before accepting the offer of the cellular company, it was the first deputy of the Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation Leonid Rejmana. Appointment of mister Pavlenko as head the Megaphone last summer for many became a surprise. The matter is that a megaphone - initially Petersburg company. And Yury Pavlenko never ranked as the Petersburg group of signalmen. Upon long work in Comstar it could be carried to the people close to AFK " more likely; System . In this context Sergey Soldatenkov`s appointment looks as restoration the status - kvo : at the head the Megaphone have put the Petersburger. With 1999 for 2002 mister Soldatenkov worked as the general director of Open Society severo - Western a TV set (the former name of the company - Open Society the Petersburg telephone system ) The largest telephone company of northern capital. Before Sergey Soldatenkov worked in cellular business, heading the company Delta a Telecom .
it is necessary to tell that Yury Pavlenko`s new post is a unique career step for the Russian signalman. Till now anybody from domestic telecommunication managers did not occupy a post of the vice-president in the large western camera company.
from the point of view of management of cellular actives Sergey Soldatenkov`s experience where more richly, than at its predecessor, - the analyst from ACM Consulting Anton Pogrebinsky makes comments on management change ` the Megaphone `. Is an appointment can be especially actual on the eve of a company exit on the western stock market .