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Yesterday the minister of atomic energy Alexander Rumjantsev made comments on the Persian motives of Ministry of Atomic Energy Russian - the American relations in a context of the patient for Americans of a theme of cooperation of Russia with Iran in sphere of nuclear power. Mister Rumjantsev has once again confirmed that Ministry of Atomic Energy will complete erected by Russia of the atomic power station in Bushere, and also will study expediency of building on the same platform of the second block. Thus the minister has denied the statement about appreciable cooling Russian - the American relations from - for positions of Russia concerning war in Iraq. disagreements concerning Iraq do not mention our base relations to what, in particular, testify also recent visiting by the ambassador of the USA Alexander Vershbou of our closed city of Snezhinsk where do not start up even the Russian citizens, and signed on March, 12th in Vienna Russian - the American agreements on closing in Russia three reactors, capable to develop plutonium - the minister has underlined. From its part he has paid attention that, criticising Russia for interaction with Iran, the USA have seen that their nearest partners do. So, inspectors of IAEA have found out in Iran tsentrifuzhnye technologies English - ex - the Dutch firm URENCO, which basically can be used for doobogashchenija uranium, so, and weapon manufacturing .
the Thesis that war in Iraq does not influence on Russian - the American interaction in power sphere, has confirmed yesterday and the taken place meeting of ambassador Vershbou with Minister of Energy Igor Jusufovym. About war in Iraq the ambassador with the minister did not speak. They discussed visit of delegation of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry to Washington on April, 7th. Besides, the parties have co-ordinated date of carrying out Russian - the American power summit: roughly it will pass in Moscow or in St.-Petersburg on September, 22nd. Approximately in these numbers in Moscow one more significant event - the summit of Ministers of Energy of the countries " can take place; the eights .