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Six scandalous percent

the Administration of the Samara region sells LogoVAZ actions
business and the power

Yesterday in an official publication of administration of the Samara region - the newspaper the Volga commune there was an announcement of carrying out of auction of actions of LogoVAZ of 6 %. The administration has received these papers in 1994 - 1995. Now they appear in LogoVAZ business on which as suspects pass the former heads of the company Boris Berezovsky, Badri (Arcady) of Patarkatsishvili and July of Oaks, and as the witness - the Samara governor Konstantin Titov. Sale of papers at auction - the best way to prove to inspectors that the test scheme used some years ago was not obviously unprofitable for treasury.
LogoVAZ - the holding company supervising a number of large dealers of foreign cars, in which number Kristal Motors the Crown - LogoVAZ Aojama Motors Avenju Motors park . As a whole LogoVAZ is the co-owner more than 100 commercial and public organisations - from Incorporated bank to LV - the centre operating floor spaces in territory RNTS Kurchatovsky institute .
we Will remind, on August, 6th last year the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has filed criminal charges upon plunder from the Volga car factory of 2333 cars. Uproshchenno the scheme of the transaction as which inspectors have counted as plunder, looked as follows: in 1994 - 1995 LogoVAZ has run into debt the Autovase for the shipped 2333 cars. As Autovases then was registered in debtors under taxes before the budget of the Samara region, it has been decided to spend clearing: the administration has received 6 % of LogoVAZ, and to car factory have written off debts in the regional budget. As a result of this transaction the budget, according to inspectors, has lost 60 million rbl. (taking into account denomination): As value of papers of such company as LogoVAZ, inspectors have estimated it is low, and the assistant to the general public prosecutor Vladimir Kolesnikov has declared to journalists that sees in actions of governor Titov abusing signs office position.
it is obvious, now, when on to LogoVAZ business again has begun - to take active work of law enforcement bodies at least recent detention in Great Britain Berezovsky`s misters and Dubova, - the Samara authorities have decided to get rid of scandalous papers. Their sale at open auction - the best way to prove to inspectors and the public that their reception as means of payment some years ago has not put a damage to region economy. It is remarkable that the declared initial cost of a package makes 60 million rbl.
As a deputy head of regional department on management of state property Pavel Egors has informed, the decision to expose these actions on auction was accepted the governor ones and a half - two months ago. However, mister Egors and could not remember, what firm spent an estimation of actions and has offered the initial price of a package in 60 million rbl.
Now to organizers of auction it is necessary to find also the buyer on these papers. Hardly who from investors will voluntary want to become minoritariem in holding with difficult structure of the actives, having the majority shareholder in the form of group of physical persons, konsolidirovanno operating 76 % of actions. So to redeem papers, under the preliminary arrangement with regional administration, it is necessary to someone from participants of the transaction of seven-year prescription.