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Pegas will depart to Tunis

As the head of tour operator Pegas Touristik (enters into ten the largest in the Russian tourist`s market) has declared Ramazan Akpynar, in a forthcoming summer season its company plans to organise charter flights on a regular basis to Tunis. The quantity of departures in a week is not specified. According to mister Akpynara, its company does not consider Tunis as alternative to the basic direction - Turkey. The travel agency simply expands the business.
participants of the market are assured of the return. Of them it is obvious to many that Pegas intend to make secure. From - for wars in Iraq the future of Turkish resorts in this season while remains in doubt. Therefore tour operators are compelled to search for vacation spots which could be offered clients as beach directions alternative to Turkey. Hotels of Tunis, of course, cannot compete to Turkish hotels to the full. However with this country, as well as with Turkey, at Russia the simplified visa regime operates: Tourists receive visas at the airport after an arrival to Tunis.