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Advantages and lacks of sales through partners
information technology

On - visible, partner model is the basic and most effective of all possible modes of work large IT - the companies in the Russian market. However the companies should pay off for expansion of business by forces of dealers with controllability of all system of sales.
in Russia the majority of the computer companies have early enough refused direct sales or have reduced them to a minimum owing to a number of the objective reasons. Even Dell, traditionally practising direct sales, declared a shift, - Lydia Grechina, the director for marketing ` Oracle tells the CIS `. - The matter is that direct sales seriously limit expansion possibilities in the market. The maintenance of that volume of experts and managers on sales which is given by partners, - a right way to losses. Many of functions of logistics of the western company basically are much heavier for carrying out owing to features of the Russian legislation, customs. Besides it partners, working with different suppliers, on the one hand, diversify the risks and expenses on the staff maintenance, with another - bring a considerable surplus value, offering customers the complex decision. For example, the company ` Borlas Ah - Bi - Si ` adapted for the Russian conditions our module ` Oracle. Human resource management `. In general, if to estimate a condition of business Oracle in Russia our results are in many respects reached thanks to development of partners .
it is clear, however, that it is necessary to pay for any increase in a share of the market of the company. In case of development of a partner network frequently this payment - loss of controllability by a trade channel. And contradictions between partners are the brightest and by the manufacturer are shown in the event that last also trades directly. The similar situation has developed for today in company MV (the third on a turn the Russian supplier of copy technics after Canon and Xerox, according to estimation IDC). the Company has own eight representations and a considerable quantity of dealers in all regions, however level of controllability the channel low, - the chief executive of MV Ruslan Tafintsev speaks. - Between dealers and our regional offices regularly there are conflicts for the customer. And this with the fact that in cities where there are our representations, dealers are not present. They are ` around ` cities, and nevertheless to offices and dealers is close together even on in that big territory which regions have. By the present moment we can tell that operational results do not satisfy us. The bases put in dealer strategy some years ago, have strongly lagged behind the today`s policy of the company. To correct this situation, two months ago company management has made decision to reconsider the policy on work with dealers .
the Reason uncontrollability partners it is obvious: after all in most cases it is the independent companies having a just cause to dictate the conditions to the supplier. there is one important difference at trade through representations and dealers, - mister Tafintsev shares supervision. - Representative offices MV are its property, cope from the uniform centre in Moscow, ` are registered ` in uniform information system, work under the same standards. The offices, movable and the real estate of representations belongs MV, and it allows to supervise result on 100 %. The dealer - the independent legal body with the rules and foundations. We can only try to supervise their work. In my opinion, majority IT - the companies in the Russian market are more likely arranged under needs of the channel, rather than impose the conditions. Such passive management is not so interesting today to us. We will inspect now our dealers, to make to their the raised qualifying demands .
But even when the company does not compete to the partners, forming seamless schemes of mutual relations between them - not trivial problem. It when the companies of different calibre participate in the channel especially becomes complicated. Today our technics is on sale not only through a dealer network, but also through the system integrators working with the regional large enterprises, a network of the authorised resellers of the computer technics advancing production in the market of small offices, - Igor Bogachyov, the chief of department of marketing of trade channels of company Xerox speaks, - and I consider that the main thing at work with such complex marketing channel - to formulate and observe the partner policy providing profitable and frictionless existence of various categories of partners .
In my representation all is very simple: clients whom the company has, one actually are only dealers. Therefore the common sense dictates necessity carefully to listen to that they speak, even when it is not pleasant to you - Whether the legendary president of the companies of Ford and Chrysler of Jakokka in the best seller " writes; Career of the manager . Nevertheless Russian IT - the market knows cases when work through partners is counter-indicative to the supplier. there are some ways to understand necessity of expansion of a partner network, its size and forms, - Taras Netrevozhko, the director for public relations of the programmer company ` Diasoft ` reflects. - In - the first, it is necessary to define volume of the market and a concentration of clients in region of an arrangement of the prospective partner. In - the second, it is necessary to consider type of the software which will be extended by the dealer. A range here - from box ON to difficult systems of automation which demand introduction and support. In the third, and, probably, the most important thing, is necessary, that the partner had with clients the established communications . A typical example a lung business ON, according to Tarasa Netrevozhko, - systems 1. They are characterised concerning low cost, possibility of fast adjustment and, as consequence, presence of a great number of potential clients that pours out in the big market capacity, sufficient for opening of representation and construction of the worker business - models. It is indicative that the firm 1, developing the specified programs, has today the branched most out in the computer market of the CIS a network of partners - into it enters over 3000 companies (including absolutely tiny with staff to ten person). On other pole - bank ON like that makes Diasoft . The matter is that the quantity of our potential clients nebezgranichno, - explains Taras Netrevozhko. - In Russia of only 1280 banks, and we can ` reach the majority of them ` independently .