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To the former chief accountant Tagmeta the war echo

has come As yesterday it became known the public prosecutor of the Rostov region Anatoly Harkovsky has given to Management of Federal Agency of tax police across the Rostov region the sanction on holding in custody of the former chief accountant of Open Society Tagmet Vladimir Orlova. UFSNP suspects him of concealment from the taxation almost 70 million roubles. Now Vladimir Orlov contains in one of a pre-trial detention centre of Rostov-on-Don. It is suspected of numerous evasion from payment of taxes. As has informed the employee of regional Office of Public Prosecutor Michael Shinkarenko, charge as regards 2 articles 199 (evasion from payment of taxes from the organisations, made repeatedly) the Criminal code of the Russian Federation eks - to the chief accountant Tagmeta it is not shown yet. This article provides punishment till five years of imprisonment. On new UPK it can hold in custody to a presentation of charge no more than ten days on suspicion in commission of crime. At the same time, according to mister Shinkarenko, the tax police already receives the consent to prolongation of a term of investigation on this business about ten months. It can mean that charges will be already shown Vladimir Orlovu in the beginning of the next week.
32 - summer Vladimir Orlov held a post of the chief accountant of Open Society Tagmet when Sergey Bidash was its general director. During the period with 2000 on 2002 was marked for the enterprise well-known metallurgical war between structures under control to mister Bidashu and group the Alpha - Eko of M for possession Tagmetom . Both parties have spent many means on PR - actions in local and central mass-media. Probably, the part of means of the enterprise directed on payment of these actions, and has been spent any image by cash desk also it is covered from the taxation. And as the chief accountant at that point in time was Vladimir Orlov, which any financial document could not leave unsigned, the consequence suspects him of evasion from payment of taxes. Though it is improbable that he could sign though something without approval of the top management of the company.
in the summer of 2002 the new proprietor Tagmeta the investment company Rinako has appointed the first deputy to Sergey Bidashu the former general director of the Volga trumpet factory Anatoly Brovko, having declared that its main task is the control establishment over financial streams of the enterprise. In passing the company management has made a reservation that it not in delight from a condition of the finance . Already on September, 1st, 2002 mister Bidash has been sent in honourable resignation, and mister Brovko is confirmed to the post general directors Tagmeta . A month later the new general has replaced all financial administration: on a post of the financial director of Open Society Tagmet Tatyana Gorshenina has been appointed, and Yana Strukova became the chief accountant (economists worked earlier at Joint-Stock Company enterprises the Trumpet metallurgical company ) . Vladimir Orlov has been lowered in a post and became the assistant to the chief accountant.
in UFSNP while abstain from comments concerning detention eks - the chief accountant of the metallurgical enterprise largest in the south of Russia, referring to secrecy of the investigation. have confirmed only the sum of the damage put to the state with suspect - an order of 70 million roubles. And, have noticed that the prospective crime took place in 2000 when Vladimir Orlov and held a post of the chief accountant Tagmeta .
In a press - service of the enterprise have refused comments concerning detention of the financier, having made a reservation that that is the person of a command of former management Tagmeta also has to a present management no any relation . According to head a press - Elena Andreevoj`s services, at the moment no claims at tax departments to the enterprise are present.
the Interesting version Has told one of the high-ranking officials TMK . In its opinion, old aversions between the management of the Rostov area which was not especially hiding the support the Alpha - Eko of M and by Sergey Bidashem for last month were splashed out outside. In the end of last week the city court of Taganrog recognised as illegal changes in the charter of Taganrog and election as Konstantin Semerikova`s mayor, the former director for Open Society manufacture Tagmet which named person Bidasha . Almost at once the former chief accountant of the Taganrog oligarch has been detained also. At the moment Sergey Bidash stands the candidate for Legislative Assembly RO, and two successively scandal with its people hardly will help the businessman on elections which are planned for March, 30th. Therefore the source believes that the regional authorities had a good chance to kill at once two hares - to replace a creature of Bidasha with the person on a post of the mayor of Taganrog and not to allow to him to become the deputy of the Don parliament.
to comment on the given version Sergey Bidash could not - it was not in a city. And in regional administration have noticed that it is not necessary to mix economic crimes and legal infringements with any secret trends. In management RO deny even possibility of the influence, both on the Taganrog court, and on investigating bodies of tax police.