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the Megaphone has decided to earn on procurement

Yesterday a management of local branch of Open Society the Megaphone has spent a press - conference on which recognised that free subscribers in Petersburg will soon come to an end, and parametres of competing networks will be made even. Therefore the Megaphone has decided to lay the cards on the table and tell, how intend to compete in such conditions. The operator will count on additional services. However, while they are necessary to nobody. Yesterday`s a press - conference has begun with a gloomy estimation a top - management local the Megaphone prospects of development of cellular business in region. will pass some more years, and all operators will have an identical number of base stations. Quality of granting of vocal services at all becomes identical. Present methods it will be impossible to compete - the assistant to general director Severo - the Western branch " has sadly declared to journalists; the Megaphone Dmitry Shkenev. Besides, the local market expects arrival of last operator the big three - Open Society Vympelcom which here - here will declare the beginning of the work in Petersburg. If the forecast of mister Shkeneva comes true, GSM - operators should divide subscribers for three, and incomes of the former monopolist again will decrease. As the general director of local branch " has informed; the Megaphone Alexander Volkov, an exit on the Petersburg market of MTS in December, 2001 has already lowered profitableness from one subscriber of the company on 30 - 40 %. To keep leadership the Megaphone hopes at the expense of not vocal services.
while in sphere dopuslug the Megaphone operated with exclusively extensive methods. So, besides a voice communication, now in an arsenal of the company of 68 more various services for which studying the subscriber needs to spend over instructions not one hour. we want to make these services clear. After all the great bulk of subscribers is able to use only two buttons of phone - mister Volkov admitted. A similar situation and at competitors the Megaphone . The list dopuslug MTS totals 25 points. But, despite an abundance of offers, popularity only short text messages (SMS) which share in the income of all additional services makes more than 95 % now use.
According to operators change a situation introduction of new technologies and advancement of original services can. So, the Megaphone has started c on April, 1st in commercial operation of service GPRS (high-speed data transmission in a mobile variant), MMS (possibility to receive and send to a photo on a tube) and LBS (possibility of definition of a site of the subscriber). On the basis of MMS and LBS the Megaphone has already offered game Face to face which anonymous participants can get acquainted on photos. At MTS of technology GPRS, MMS and LBS while are in test operation.
it is possible, further the described services and will start to bring to operators of superprofit. However while it does not occur. Now a share of not vocal services in total receipts the Megaphone only 5 %. As the director for new technologies of local branch " has informed; the Megaphone Denis Nochevnov, for a month of test operation it has been registered all 20 thousand users GPRS (service could use free of charge), and owners of the tubes supporting MMS, in a city and it is less than that - nearby 10 - 15 thousand Clearly that at user`s base the Megaphone coming nearer to 2 million, so small number of potential users presented dopuslug hardly will affect business of the operator.