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Has burnt down the compromising evidence on Petersburg militia

On the night of Wednesday in Petersburg there was a fire in a building of management of own safety of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs in street Konjushennoj. According to sources, on fire the considerable part of archives USB was lost. Official sources in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and management of a fire service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures (earlier UGPS entered into the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs) though have confirmed the information on the fire fact, have flatly refused to give any comments. Nevertheless it was possible to find out which - what details of this state of emergency.
as has told asked not to name its officer of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the fire was strong enough: for suppression it was necessary to involve six crews of fire protection. As a result of a fire, under the version of our source, the buildings located on the second floor offices of technical department USB where it was stored audiovideo - and listening equipment, and also archival records have seriously suffered. Also have burnt down six computers with databases and documents. At last, as a result of actions of firemen have appeared are filled in by premise water on the ground floor where documents also were stored.
causes of the fire are not established yet. According to a source close to USB, the building condition in street Konjushennoj in which management is located, left much to be desired, - it is enough to tell that there since January there was no heating. Therefore the probability of is great that banal short circuit of conducting became a cause of the fire.
however, the arson version also is rather probable: management of own safety of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs - unique militian structure which specialises exclusively on the offences made by police officers, including the top management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. USB is engaged also in operative support of criminal cases of employees and checks of their reliability. Without coordination USB any police officer cannot be translated on a higher post (this function USB is especially important now when at full speed there is a reforming of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and on a city hearings about every possible rotation and even about possible change of a management of a central board constantly go).
the Situation is aggravated also with that recently the quantity of employees of a central board dissatisfied with policy USB has sharply increased: with arrival of new chief USB, Muscovite Sergey Politko (it worked in central office USB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs earlier, and it was resulted in Peter by the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Michael Vanichkin), management work sharply became more active.
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