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The collector was hit near to car

Yesterday in market territory on the Kolomjazhsky prospectus by unknown criminals have shot and have plundered the collector Rosinkasa . Extraction of criminals, according to preliminary data, steels of an order of 5 million roubles. With details from a scene VLADISLAV LITOVCHENKO. The attack has occurred about the half sixth evening in territory of the wholesale food market on the Kolomjazhsky prospectus, 13/ 23. Crew Rosinkasa consisting of two armed collectors and the driver, has stopped in front of the administrative case. Two armed collectors have left to take away a gain, and the collector - the driver remained in the car to protect a trunk from 5 million roubles which collectors have received on the previous object. According to the police officers working on a scene, the driver, on not established while to the reason, left the car - and practically has immediately undergone to an attack. Eyewitnesses heard one pistol shot (under other information, shot from the automatic weapon). The driver has fallen, and two robbers in masks have pulled out from the car a trunk with money and have jumped in their expecting dark blue the Zhiguli . The wounded driver who has got wound in a foot and has fainted from big krovopoteri, its companions who have jumped out of the administrative case have picked up.
the militia has entered in a city the plan Interception but, as of 20. 00, it has not given results. The loudest attack on collectors Rosinkasa in Petersburg has occurred in November, 2000 - then the two unknown criminals who armed with pistols of a TT and have been changed clothes for working clothes, have passed on territory LMZ on Sverdlovsk quay, 18, and have shot three collectors Rosinkasa . Three trunks from 10,6 million roubles - a salary of workers of the enterprise became extraction of criminals. This business and is not opened till now.