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The Office of Public Prosecutor has given an occasion

The day before yesterday a number of the Ural news agencies have informed on intermediate results of public prosecutor`s check financially - Open Society economic activities Uralenergostroj . According to mass-media, the Office of Public Prosecutor has elicited the facts directly specifying in a conclusion of actives of the enterprise. Though in district department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor from official comments have refrained, having underlined that investigation is not stopped yet and to disclose the information on a check course yet have no right, minority shareholders in the name of Joint-Stock Company Rosenergoatomstroj have extended an official statement in which have let know that will use the received information for management change Uralenergostroja .
Scandal round the contractor of the largest objects of building of Sverdlovsk area - 4 - go power unit BAES and the Temple - on - Blood - Open Society Uralinvestenergo has inflamed in February of last year, when it minoritarii, Open Society Permenergo (5, 7 %) and Joint-Stock Company Rosenergoatomstroj (6, 2 %), initiated extraordinary meeting of shareholders of building trust. A main point in the summons they have specified the preschedule termination of powers of management and board of directors. Holders of small share holdings proved the position that, having analysed financial documents Uralenergostroja they have found out signs of a conclusion of actives of the building centre in affiliated structures. Rosenergoatomstroj has sent statements to Federal Commission on Securities on UrFO with the request to understand a situation.
the information that the state share holding " became a following coil of the conflict; Uralenergostroja (25, 5 %) this year it will be exposed on sale, according to the plan of privatisation of state property. The Russian Federal Property Fund has declared that before sale, by existing rules, will check up a financial condition at the enterprise. Minoritarii, from its part, making comments on a situation, have not excluded that activity of present management could lead to sharp reduction in price of the state actions. Thus the general director Uralenergostroja Victor Suruda refused flatly comments, its secretary invariably answered that it interview to journalists does not give .
As a result with a situation have interfered power UrFo and Sverdlovsk area. At first the chairman of the government of Sverdlovsk area Alexey Vorobev at meeting where the financial position of affiliated companies " was considered; Uralenergostroja has allowed the order to tax departments to understand the scheme of calculations of trust. The meeting of the assistant to the plenipotentiary in UrFo Victor Basargina with Victor Surodoj has soon taken place. The general director Uralenergostroja speaking about dispute of proprietors, has underlined that all claims from outside minoritariev are unreasonable and connected with property repartition. Mister Basargin, summing up a meeting, has noticed that will give fuller situation assessment after detailed acquaintance with opinions of all parties on the substance of the conflict.
simultaneously the assistant to the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation, supervising UrFO, Yury Zolotov has declared that has made the order about carrying out of check of the facts of a conclusion of actives. One of these days local mass-media referring to own sources in Office of Public Prosecutor have published preliminary results of check. In particular, it was a question of the revealed facts of reduction of actives Uralenergostroja in 2 times therefore cost of a state block of shares has decreased in 20 times: with 120 to 6 million rbl.
Moreover as it is informed in news agencies, such fact is revealed also: for March, 1st, 2003 a share Uralenergostroja almost in half of branches it was reduced on 70 - 100 %. Thus in the companies Joint-Stock Company participation " has increased; Uralenergostroj (From 30 to 70 %), Victor Surudy (10 %), and assistants to the general director Uralenergostroja (their participation in an authorised capital stock daughters it is estimated from 1 to 25 %). Yesterday a press - service Rosenergoatomstroja has made an official statement in which has declared the indignation of the facts published in mass-media, and also has called shareholders Uralenergostroja to take part in extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the trust, appointed to April, 5th. Experts do not exclude that as the basic argument at removal of management of the company minoritarii will use intermediate results of check of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.
however in department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor did not begin to specify a detail of a course of check. As have informed the correspondent in a press - department service, investigation is not finished yet, therefore to speak about official results employees of Office of Public Prosecutor yet have no right.