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Behind a shot of the statement of Vladimir Jakovleva

On Wednesday the main advertising slogan of Broadcasting Company Petersburg - Look to see - it has appeared actual more than ever. Interested persons could see not all own eyes how Vladimir Jakovlev refuses to stand for the third governor`s term on the program air Time of the governor . To the correspondent to ANNA of the PUSHKARSKY steel some details of preparation of telesensation are known. Formally Time of the governor it is subordinated to the director the Inform - TV to Peter Godlevsky (which it periodically conducts), however in practice the editor at the program is not present - usually the general director of Broadcasting Company Irina Terkina, and also the main press - figure Smolnogo and a press - the secretary of the governor Alexander Afanasev is engaged in it personally. Under the authority of the last there is also a list of invited interlocutors of mister Jakovleva.
The day before yesterday, during the epoch-making statement, in one studio with governor Vladimir Jakovlevym there was a chief - the editor of the Petersburg bureau of radio Freedom Victor Rezunkov. It was in due time the first invited to weekly dialogues with the town governor. We will remind, in September of last year reformers of an information announcement of Broadcasting Company (which the former manager of ORT Ashot Bablumjan informally supervises) were come to mind by remarkable idea to replace one constant leader on rotiruemyh. Since then on Time of the governor many known Petersburg journalists (including from not under control goradministratsii mass-media), and also " were involved; going on tour Muscovites (Pavel Sheremet and Andrey Karaulov). It became quite good PR - a course which besides was successfully enough imposed on a theme of the third term. The non-standard situation for similar programs as though showed that the governor of the house, and the leader - on a visit : Journalists come and leave, and the governor remains. The given thesis visually was supported with that the majority writing and radio journalists before a television camera seldom feel confidently.
it is doubtless, the culmination recognition of Jakovleva to the foreign journalist (Rezunkovu) should look much more effectively, than to the prosmolninski adjusted (Godlevsky). According to mister Rezunkova, a press - the secretary of the governor Alexander Afanasev has called it past Friday and has offered once again to participate in the program . Thus mister Afanasev has let know that is not excluded certain an important statement on a theme of elections . I have agreed, but have warned that I will talk this time more rigidly - mister Rezunkov has declared. On shootings of the first aether the theme of opposition of Jakovleva and plenipotentiary Cherkesova rose, paternal to the journalist all time was necessary to manoeuvre not to look loyal to one of the parties. C the governor Victor Rezunkov has met five minutes prior to an aether: any discussion of the scenario with renunciation from the third term was not, and everything that has turned out, became for it a bolt from the blue.
making comments on the last Time of the governor Irina Terkina has noticed that questions after that statements did not become less, and in the near future it is necessary to expect still any not less effective actions, and not only from the operating governor . Besides, implied sense of the statement which have sounded yesterday is obvious while only to the governor and, probably, several more persons in the state - ascertained the general director of a broadcasting company. As she said, she has learnt about an unforeseen situation Only 12 minutes prior to own broadcast of the program the Post factum from - for what it was necessary completely to change its plan . Nevertheless it became known that Vladimir Jakovleva`s decision to make the statement on the third term was not unexpectedness for those who works over the program.
by data Gallup - media for last one and a half month an average rating Time of the governor there were 1,3 %, and evening release the Inform - TV - 2,1 %. That is firsthand words of the town governor have heard only about 160 thousand townspeople. Perhaps, therefore the statement of governor Jakovleva has repeatedly sounded in some minutes - right after a commercial break, as the main news of the program the Inform - TV. A post factum .
In a few minutes news of hour has extended among journalists who for memory verified each other citations of the heard. When the first of them could phone to mister Afanaseva, that has only cheerfully reported: Look Broadcasting Company ` Petersburg ` . Having confirmed with that that all of us have not misheard.