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This sweet word a retail

Last year has appeared rather successful for banks of the Ural region-volumes of the involved means of the population and the given out consumer credits have increased in times. However already now many bank analysts the policy of the financial authorities, in particular, disturbs predicted decrease in the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to 15 %. It, according to experts, can negatively affect rates of development of a bank retail existing now and even to lead to complexities in formation of resource base of credit institutions.
in the last some years the Ural banks show impressing indicators of rates of increase of the market of retail services. So according to the Ural bank union, for January, 1st, 2003 the cumulative sum of contributions of the population on accounts 30 of banks of Sverdlovsk area (without the Ural branch of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. - ) Has made in absolute indicators 12 mlrd 615 million roubles or 174 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Branches of capital banks have managed to involve into the accounts 1, 6 mlrd roubles, however thus growth of deposits has shown more than two-multiple growth - 207 % to the beginning of 2002. For an example: in 2000 the total volume of the involved deposits all credit organisations of Sverdlovsk area did not exceed 2, 7 mlrd roubles.
not less actively banks were engaged in crediting of physical persons, increasing thus a share of consumer credits in the actives. However, it is not so considerable, as their capital competitors: the share of consumer credits at the Moscow banks in 2002 reached 50 %, and at bank the Russian standard this indicator has reached figures 75, 5 %. The increase in a share of consumer crediting in actives among the Ural banks varied from 1 to 5 %. Nevertheless is almost two-multiple increase in comparison with figures on the beginning of 2002. The reason of the raised demand for money of the population among banks is easily explainable - the corporate clients which means gave a dominating share in passives of banks, are divided for a long time between the large capital organisations. Therefore other-more small on actives, and also simply regional structures - are compelled to use other mechanisms of accumulation of resources, the retail is basic of which. the corporate market of clients is divided by large financial structures, and for a long time. The following niche which means similar division is a niche of means of the population which share in passives of banks reaches 70 % - the head of department of retails of KB " considers; Jewelry of Ural Mountains Nina Batalov. Other reason of heightened interest in retail name growth of incomes of the population. the peak of this growth of incomes of physical persons, both in real, and in absolute expression, has had for 2002 - Vyacheslav Grigoriev operating the Ekaterinburg branch Uralsiba speaks. And as, according to chairman of the board Uraltransbanka Valery Zavodova, rates under deposits in a number a case covered profitableness from investments in securities the population willingly placed the savings on banks skih accounts.
the beginning meanwhile of this year has a little saddened a situation. In February of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation was engaged in liberalisation monetary - the credit policy therefore there was a decrease in the credit rate of the main bank of Russia (from 21 % to 18 % - ) On which it finances commercial establishments. As a result of it have a little decreased also % on deposits. As bankers consider, it can negatively be reflected in replenishment of resource base of banks as in most cases bank offers under depositary rates began to cover hardly level of annual inflation declared by the financial authorities. The situation is aggravated also with forecasts of some analysts who predict inevitable decrease in the rate of the Central Bank to 15 %. It, according to the chairman of board of directors of bank Northern Treasury Vladimir Frolov, will lead to the further reduction of a bank margin and, as consequence, to leaving from the markets of banks with low profitableness and high expenses. the quantity of the Russian banks the next 5 years will be reduced in 10 times - mister Frolov considers. With it Valery Zavodov agrees also (interview see. - ) .
the management " adheres to Other opinion; the Ural bank union : In - the first, in the Central Bank adequate people who understand in what rate decrease at inflation growth can result sit. On the other hand, anything terrible in it I do not see. Eventually, banks have some mechanisms of replenishment of resource base, for example, animation of deposits. It is not necessary to forget and about huge means for accounts of the Central Bank with which can use freely - vice-president UBS Evgenie Bolotin considers. At the same time discount rate decrease - it the present gift for the population. decrease in the rate of refinancing to 15 % (and more low that is quite possible) in a combination to the thought over legislative policy will lead to rapid growth of the market of mortgage lending. As result - unknown improvement of quality of life as a whole. Present for an instant that simultaneously hundred thousand persons will have an opportunity to get in the property the attracted apartment on reasonable conditions. In this case all bank system can involve much more serious money resources of the population, than at the moment - the vice-president " speaks; Uralvneshtorgbanka Sergey Prygunov. However, banks have enough cares and without the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Among other problems which face ritejlery, on - former name also low rates of increase of trust of the population to bank system. the statistics asserts that only 15 % of the population are ready to place the means for deposits, but also they prefer or the Savings Bank, or foreign credit institutions - Nina Batalov considers. In its opinion, the situation is complicated also by low financial culture of physical persons. The majority is not able to dispose competently of the money, without understanding that storage of the capital of the house leads to that it eats inflation, other business factors - Batalov`s madam speaks.
despite all complex of existing problems, the Ural bankers converge in one: at competent construction of dialogue of the financial authorities and the commercial banks focused on a retail, this business it will continue to develop and be improved.