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At a choice of high percent, the population should be ready to serious risk

Alexander Serebrjanyj, the assistant operating the Ekaterinburg branch Alpha bank
- That for Alpha bank means decrease in the rate of refinancing?
- Objectively the fact of decrease in the rate of refinancing speaks about economy stabilisation. The more low the refinancing rate, the is more than possibilities for business development. The system of refinancing of banks in Russia only arises, and discount rate while it is ready above real cost of money in the market - banks occupy each other under 12 - 14 % annual. However this rupture last years is steadily reduced and if its revision occurs such rates the refinancing rate will soon play to economy an appropriate role. Therefore discount rate decrease only reflects a real situation in the market. Nevertheless, completely to deny influence of the rate of refinancing on the market it is impossible is a price reference point for the majority of banks of the country and, first of all, for the largest Savings Bank. We will remind that it the basic player both in the market of private contributions, and in the market of commercial credits. As we know, the Savings Bank already declared decrease in rates under contributions and credits, behind it other banks were pulled also.
- nevertheless, the boom in the market of contributions proceeds. Local banks in eager rivalry offer tempting percent and favourable conditions
is reflects a real situation of an aggravation of struggle for private investors. People began to earn more, they had a possibility to do savings. On the other hand, banks have settled possibilities of replenishment of resource base at the expense of means of the enterprises - the economy grows, the enterprises all less willingly place free resources in banks, aspiring to expand own manufacture. For strengthening of the resource base banks began to need more strongly money of physical persons. But in bank sphere of miracles does not happen, economic laws here work. Now to any bank is unprofitable to involve money above, than under 13 - 14 % annual. Otherwise the margin, that is differences between payments under involved contributions and received percent on the given out credits, simply will not suffice for maintenance of activity of bank.
- whether it is necessary to trust the banks offering high percent under deposits?
- In general, the high percent should guard the investor: whether the bank can, having received expensive resources, them to fulfil? Finally the client as stability of bank at such approach will appear sooner or later in doubt all the same risks. Therefore, choosing high percent, it is necessary to be ready to serious risk. Besides, the investor should remember that according to tax laws its incomes under the rate above, than three quarters from the refinancing rate (these are 13, 5 %), are taxed in 35 % and the declared rate, for example, in 16 %, will turn back the real rate in 15 %.
In a today`s situation it is necessary to understand accurately: the main thing at a bank choice - guarantees of return of the contribution.
First of all, the bank answers under the obligations with own capital. On the world standards the parity of own capital to bank actives should make not less than 10 %. If this figure is less - you risk more.