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the Tax to the deposit infringes upon interests of investors

Igor Budzievsky, the vice-president of board of Open Society Uralpromstrojbank
- What banks have advantage in retail development?
- Here advantages while at such regional banks, as Uralpromstrojbank: they are present in the market for a long time, to them trusts the population, than to new banks or " more; to Muscovites . As a whole we estimate potential of development of retail bank business in Russia as very perspective. It is enough to tell that at us the parity of volume of consumer crediting and gross national product makes hardly more than 1 %, while in the European Union countries this parity of an order of 45 %.
- whether you Feel any complexities on attraction of contributions of the population from - for credit politicians of the Central Bank?
- It is impossible to tell that we feel great difficulties. Though, of course, the tax to the deposit infringes upon interests of investors. Today rates on 6 - to monthly, annual contributions to the majority of banks exceed 13, 5 % of the annual. Followed lift this threshold of the taxation at least to discount rate level. Then it is possible to observe also interests of investors, and not to give development possibility credit - depositary schemes of payment of a salary. As far as I know, such bill is already discussed in the State Duma.
- what else problems for today face retail banks?
- To the cores from them it is possible to carry a problem of increase of trust of the population to bank system as a whole, a problem of decrease in not operational costs in banks on maintenance of a necessary infrastructure. The first dares, including, by adoption of law about warranting of contributions of the population, a non-admission of mass bankruptcies of banks. The second - by means of decrease in requirements of the Central Bank on technical ukreplennosti operkass banks, especially in small cities, combination of functions of cashiers and controllers in bank on service of investors. By the way, such norms operate in the developed countries.
ALENA of Kalinin