Rus News Journal


the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
has congratulated the movie cartoonist of the winner of the State award of the USSR Svetozara Rusakova with 80 - letiem. In a congratulation, in particular, it is told: your creativity is whole constellation of the remarkable cartoon films popular and favourite in our country. It is eternally bright and cheerful world in which one generation of young spectators has grown not and where it would be desirable to come back again and again ;
has directed a greeting to participants and visitors of VI Russian economic forum which has opened in London. In the message, in particular, it is told: Carrying out of the Russian economic forum became already kind tradition and was strongly entered in structure of modern relations between Russia and Great Britain. Six years ago, when the forum only was created, representatives of the Russian and British business only looked narrowly to each other. Today we are on the threshold of qualitatively new stage of bilateral economic cooperation. Decisions of the largest British companies, both recently accepted, and the studies which have entered finishing stage, provide multi-billion investments in toplivno - a power complex of Russia. It is an indicator of moods of the British business and simultaneously a signal to other potential investors ;
has signed the order About preparation of the Russian sportsmen for participation in Games of XXVIII Olympic Games of 2004 in Athenes (Greece) and XX winter Olympic games of 2006 in Turin (Italy), and also in XII summer 2004 and IX winter 2006 Parolimpijsky games . With the assistance of the Olympic committee of Russia and Parolimpijsky committee of Russia it is entrusted to the government to develop and carry out the measures providing necessary level of preparation of the Russian sportsmen

the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov
has confirmed rules of granting from Fund sofinansirovanija social expenses of grants on partial reimbursement of the consolidated budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation which are connected with granting to the population of grants for payment of habitation and utilities. Rules define, in particular, that grants for payment of grants are given quarterly;
has disposed to accept the offer of a municipal duma of Irkutsk and the Ministry of Property of Russia on gratuitous transfer to the municipal property of Irkutsk concerning the federal property being in conducting the federal state unitary enterprise the Airport Irkutsk objects kommunalno - a household purpose;
has confirmed the plan of preparation of projects of standard legal certificates of the government of the Russian Federation which are necessary for realisation of federal laws About a railway transportation in the Russian Federation and the Charter of a railway transportation of the Russian Federation ;
has disposed to confirm lists of the ground areas located in territories Republics Sakhas (Yakutia), the Udmurt republic, the Vologda, Irkutsk, Kirov, Lipetsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novgorod, Orenburg, Pskov, Tambov, Tver, Yaroslavl areas and Aginsky Buryat autonomous region which will carry over the Russian Federation.