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Russia is interested in that Americans took Bagdad somewhat quicker. It I have told not, and Vladimir Putin. However, if to be absolutely exact the president has formulated the thought differently. For political and economic reasons Russia is not interested in defeat of the USA - he has told, addressing to journalists in Tambov. But time Russia is not interested in defeat of Americans it turns out that she is interested in their victory which will be reached after the American armies take Bagdad. It seems to me, I have not deformed sense of the statement of Putin.
and with the president you will not argue. Clearly that Americans, even coming off second-best behind defeat, will not calm down, yet will not finish absolute war, - too many it is staked by Washington. The war tightening will promote growth Antiamerican and, more widely, the antiwestern moods in the Russian society. Democratic Russia it on advantage will not go, especially on the threshold of parliamentary elections. It in - the first.
and in - the second if at Americans something seriously is not taken at the front, they will start to search for the guilty. And then, of course, will remember that before war of a card it confused not only France to Germany, but also Russia. To us can remember and that to Iraqis any ways the Russian weapon got and that generals Achalov and Maltsev helped to plan defence of Bagdad. That is Russia, can declare someone in Washington, has caused to the USA the serious loss measured in concrete figures of losses in manpower and the technician. If Americans soon win a victory, they about it, look, and will forget. It will have no time for that is restoration of Iraq, sharing podrjadov will begin...
It as to political reasons. But, as Vladimir Putin has told, there are also economic. For example, God forbid, the American economy will be filled up. If such colossus fails, will howl all - and not in the last instance Russia with our rouble adhered to dollar.
in general, there is an inconsistent picture. On the one hand, Russia, no less than other countries applying for a certain independent role in the international affairs, cannot agree so that the unique superpower dictated the will to all other world. Proceeding from it and others (including humanitarian) reasons, Russia should criticise Americans. But, on the other hand, for the reasons marked above we are compelled to wish them the prompt victory.
that from this follows? And that, so far as war all - taki has begun, we need to relax only and, porugivaja the United States, to wait for its termination. Actually, it, most likely, also was meant by the Russian president. In told it in Tambov to a phrase at last - that showed that well-known Putin pragmatism which always so appreciated in the West.
However, Vladimir Putin has added that Russia will be to undertake additional efforts, to return the decision of the Iraq question on United Nations platform . But what he could tell still?