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China has answered the USA
Yesterday China has answered the charges stated to Beijing in the annual report of US State department which has been published on April, 1st. In it, we will remind, to China it is given most places. gosdep criticises the Chinese management for arrests of dissidents and death sentences to two tibettsam, suppression of religious freedom and violation of the rights of ethnic minority, tortures of prisoners and the murders made by officials without a sentence of court.
the answer to Washington became let out yesterday news agency Sinhua the report under the name Human rights in the USA in 2002 . In introduction to it it is said that Washington has made bold to criticise China and other countries for infringements of human rights, and them does not observe. Authors of the document notice that sharp deterioration in this area has occurred after acts of terrorism on September, 11th: racial discrimination Cases have become frequent since September, 11th. The most serious concern is caused by discrimination concerning Moslems and Arabs .
In the report also it is noticed that the number of beggars and the homeless every year grows in the USA. China accuses the USA of construction democracies rich which is not equitable to interests of the majority of the population. Americans execute minors and insane persons of criminals, do not observe the right of prisoners and pursue a policy of discrimination of women. Besides, according to Chineses, human rights are broken not only in the USA, but also in other countries, as an example to that are served by sufferings of the peace population in Iraq and Afghanistan. On each point of charges to the USA composers of the report result figures and the facts (it is informed, for example, that each 2,7 seconds in the USA the crime is committed).
As to direct charges to China, stated gosdepom, how it is underlined in the document, in the country with the population 1,3 mlrd the person is problems and it is more important: To feed everything, to dress and give a roof over the head.

Romanos Prodis have slandered
Yesterday Eurocommission has denied messages that its president Romano Prodi is going to remain on the post for the second term. As The Financial Times newspaper has informed earlier, the president of Eurocommission is ready to remain, if the European leaders address to it with such request. But he, as confirms the edition, is not going to agitate for own re-election.
that has written The Financial Times, are fairy tales - the press - the secretary of mister Prodi Rejo Kempinen has told. Predictably, according to the new constitution of the European Union which is developed now by the European convent, the future president of Eurocommission will receive more large powers. The former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi occupies a post of the head of Eurocommission since 1999, and its term expires in 2005.