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Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France goes to Rome

Today in Rome, predictably, there will pass a meeting of heads of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of France and Italy Dominica de Vilpena and Ex Frattini. Development of a uniform defensive policy of the European Union becomes the main theme of their negotiations. We will remind that ten days ago France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg have initiated to spend in the end of April in Bruxelles the quadrilateral summit concerning coordination of a defensive policy. This initiative has been apprehended as attempt of Berlin and Paris to create at the height of the crisis caused by war in Iraq, alternative of the NATO where the leading part play the USA. In the beginning of this week head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy has asked to start up on this summit of all interested persons, including Italy. As it is known, Italy has supported Washington in military operation, and prime minister Silvio Berlusconi expressed time and again a regret concerning an event in Europe of split of Iraq. Rome has addressed to Greece presiding in the European Union, with the request for assistance in a question on presence at the summit of Italy and other states. Athenes, under the informal data, has agreed. Now mister Frattini intends to achieve an affirmative reply from Paris.

Joshka Fisher has had supper with Jack Straw
On the threshold of a meeting of heads of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of leading world powers with US State Secretary Kolinom Powell in Bruxelles (p. 10 see) heads of foreign policy departments of Germany and Great Britain have carried on negotiations in Berlin. Behind an informal supper they discussed how to overcome disagreements on a problem of Iraq. Before a supper mister Fisher has declared to journalists that the post-war period for certain will be difficult and we should show the creative approach to the decision of problems. Its British colleague, answering a question, whether probably to reach in Europe of the consent on a problem of restoration of Iraq, has answered: I am an optimist .

the Ukrainian prime minister in London
Yesterday the Ukrainian prime minister Victor Yanukovych has met in London with vitse - the prime minister of Great Britain John Preskottom. Speech during negotiations went about prospects of the introduction of Ukraine to the European Union and the NATO. we expect that in Athenes this signal will be given, and it is the extremely important both for the Ukraine, and for Europe - mister Yanukovych has told at a meeting. The head of the government of Ukraine also has informed that in May intends to meet in Washington the secretary general of the NATO George Robertson and the Minister of Defence of the USA Donald Ramsfeld, and to discuss questions of integration into the Euroatlantic structures. At the same time the prime minister has paid attention to necessity of reciprocal signals: it is the Extremely important to feel movement towards . The prime minister has noted importance for Ukraine grantings to it of the status of the country with market economy. in circles of the Ukrainian businessmen there is a misunderstanding why EU hesitates with the decision of this question - he has told. In turn, George Preskott has told that London completely supports aspiration of Ukraine to enter the European Union .