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Auditors have opened a resort season

Yesterday in Seville (Spain) started XXVI congress of the European association of bookkeepers - traditionally representative annual forum of bookkeepers, auditors, economists and financiers. The Russian delegation was represented by the head of department of the organisation of auditor activity of the Ministry of Finance Andrey Krikunov, the president of association of auditors and bookkeepers Commonwealth Anatoly Sheremet and the chairman of the board of Institute of professional auditors of Russia (IPAR) Darya Dolotenkova. One of the basic tendencies of development of the Russian auditor market participants of a forum had been noted consolidation of professional community. IPAR within several years undertook attempts to unite effort of existing professional associations which have already started to bring positive results, - madam Dolotenkova has declared in the report ` self-regulation Development in the Russian audit `. - So, in the end of the last year and the beginning of it IPAR has concluded some cooperation agreements with a number of the professional associations which main objective is association and unification of professional standards, acceptance of the uniform code of professional etiquette and creation and introduction of the unified procedures of quality assurance .
About problems of association of the Russian auditor community read on p. 20.