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Telecinema from April, 4 till April, 10th

Event of week - April (2001) Konstantin Murzenko, one of the most freakish Russian films of last years (on April, 4th, RTR, 23. 00 ****) . Konstantin Murzenko has won in 1990 - h years reputation of the most fashionable script writer of young cinema, and the film of Maxim Pezhemsky written to it Mum, do not grieve became cult both among intellectuals, and in criminal circles. Besides, in several films it has proved as the remarkable characteristic incidental actor: the lanky Fascist from whom Daniel Bagrov buys the weapon before retaliatory expedition to America, in the Brother - 2 Alexey Balabanov, the barman in a film of Belief Sentry the Sky. The plane. The girl the hunter for UFO in In movement Phillip Yankovsky. April Puts end under storming on the Russian screen within ten years killerskimi passions. For the first time on the screen there was a killer necessarily, as a result and not daring to shoot at the victim specified to it: the small swindler, detdomovets, the chronic loser by a nickname April. The criminal mythology on the screen breaks up in the face of, film structure - fragmentary, the plot is kept back, strange characters as if in vacuum, knock about across Moscow, on wonderful bars and saunas, making acts opposite what spectators would have the right to expect from them. Decadents any, instead of friends. Besides they talk on firm murzenkovskom slenge which bears a faint resemblance criminal fenju, but at the same time has with it no anything the general. It is faster pure jazykotvorchestvo, formal experiment. In due time the French critics have thought up concerning films of the great reformer of a criminal genre Jean - Pierre Melvilja that all its heroes - gangsters are dead even prior to the beginning of action as the genre has died, romanticism of a criminal underground has died. The same it is possible to tell and about the characters occupying April . And about the blunderer - the pudge April, and about its girlfriend, sanitarke, trying to earn additionally the prostitute played by a star of Big Drama Theatre Aleksandroj Kulikovoj, and about the picturesque gangster priest performed by Alexander Lazareva - younger, and about the client a grief - the killer (Gosha Kutsenko). And at last, April - a unique film in which has acted in film shortly before him have shot, Michael Krug. And such tasty the godfather what has played fetish Russian chanson in the Russian cinema, perhaps, yet was not. April surprises also with that in it, by definition Harm a film such charge of good sentimentality what you will not find in others " contains; kind films. One more unexpectedly kind film which has been removed by obviously malicious director, - Scenes at the sea (A Scene ai the Sea, 1991) Takesi Kitano (on April, 5th, Culture 22. 20 ****) . Spectators have so got used to brutal gangster films of the most fashionable in the world of the Japanese director that as - that was forgot his career beginning when it was the well-known television comedian. At Kitano excellent sense of humour, and not only black. scenes at the sea remind of films of Basseterre of Keaton unperturbably battling in 1920 - h years that with a steam locomotive, with a movie camera, with steamship. Deaf-and-dumb hero Kitano is captivated by the sea silently raising the waves. When it finds the broken board for windsurfing, he understands that it is a destiny sign. As a matter of fact, all film the hero sits on seacoast and cannot dare at last in any way - that to rise on a board. But this expectation is filled by such expressive both tragicomic micromovements and microevents what not to get under charm of a film it is impossible. The director told in interview that gangsters - the yakuza very much were surprised, why the film is removed not about them. And unperturbable Kitano explained to them that the yakuza cannot become the hero of a film about windsurfing as, to get on a board, fingers of hands are necessary. And at gangsters, as a rule, the majority of fingers is absent: they cut off them, expiating thus admitted on manufacture errors. a damage (The Damage, 1992) (on April, 5th, NTV, 23. 20 *****) - one of the best films of Lui Malja, one of founders French a new wave . Mal always addressed in the films to boundary or pathological situations: Treachery, suicide, incest. But it possessed the rare gift to understand the heroes, to sympathise with those promptings which force them to cross line. a damage - the cruel history of mad love unusual, as for a role the femme fatale the director has chosen the actress in whom at first sight anything fatal is not present. But Zhjulett Binoche reminding studentochku or the post employee, has appeared ideal razrushitelnitsej man`s destinies. In a film which action occurs in London, she plays the Frenchwoman, the bride of the son of the high-ranking British diplomat. Flashed between it and the father of the groom the passion leads to accident. One more masterpiece devoted to self-damage, - a film of Hollywood classic John Hjustona Under a volcano (Under the Volcano, 1985) (on April, 7th, the First channel 3. 05 *****) . To define a role of Houston (1906 - 1987) in the history of cinema, it is enough to tell, what exactly at it has played the first and last role Merilin of Monroe. That he has created mythology black a genre, has begun the career by a masterpiece the Maltese falcon (The Maltese Falcon, 1941), and has finished so indisputable masterpiece Died (The Dead, 1987) which premiere has taken place in two days after death of the director: the seriously ill old man worked until the last minute the life. To Mexico where action " is developed; Under a volcano Houston has been enamoured since a youth, since those days when as the legend says, it the boy battled in the ranks of an insurgent cavalry Mexican Mahno Pancho Vili. But in its Mexico there is nothing exotic. It is freedom territory, to be exact, freedom to make senseless and self-destructive, but majestic acts in the recklessness. Within one day 1939 when Mexicans celebrate Day dead and drag on streets the grinned skeletons - kalaveros itself the English consul - the alcoholic methodically ruins. The brother - the idealist and the former wife try to rescue it, but heroes of Houston always rejected a help hand. One more American tragedy - Nixon (Nixon, 1995) Olivera Stone (on April, 10th, the First channel 2. 10 ***) . It is one, it is possible not the most successful, head of the saga about great disappointments of America which is written passionately throughout many years by the director. War in Vietnam, a slaughter-house kindled by CIA in Central America, cruelty uoll - stritovskih customs, John Kennedy`s murder - here stages of the big way to which Stone addressed. Nixon, the unique American president, compelled to retire under the threat of impeachment, for the director - a bewitching monster, the Shakespearean character, the adventurer who has corrupted America. Not without reason he has invited to Nixon`s role not somebody, and Anthony Hopkins, just become famous for a role kannibala Lektera in Silence of lambs Dzhonatana Demmi.