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Boris Yeltsin has received pension
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Boris Yeltsin has received pension

Late, but it is favourable
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Have justified the military men who have shot of three Chechens
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the Russian actions have strongly fallen in price
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General Shamanov did not take the Moscow district
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Putin has inspired Jakovleva for new term
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Chubays puts out the light
Because Vyahirev blocks gas
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Putin has legalised export of orphans
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to the Oil companies suggest to be thrown off on repair of Ministry of Fuel and Energy
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Insurers lose health
and 30 mlrd roubles a year
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the Locomotive - in a semi-final
Football. A cup of Russia. 1/ 4 endings. the metallurgist (Lipetsk) - the Locomotive (Moscow) 1:2. the Locomotive left in a semi-final

ID prepares thematic pages for magazine - the Power
Krasnoyarsk region (on April, 18th)
Latvia (on April, 25th)
It is invited to cooperation the companies interested in placing of advertising materials.
phones for inquiries: 943 - 91 - 12/ 10/ 08, 943 - 91 - 98