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Victim of democracy

Christian Democratic parties it becomes fast not
  the Victim of democracy
Christian Democratic parties it becomes fast not

Leading opposition party of Germany - Hristiansko - the democratic union (HDS) - endures the most serious crisis about all history. On Tuesday the parliament has decided to fine HDS on DM41,3 million ($20,6 million). And all in party treasury officially is no more than 120 million marks. Active workers of party have demanded resignation of its chairman Wolfgang Shojble and court over the former leader HDS Helmut Kohl. Yesterday Shojble has resigned.

On Tuesday evening the speaker of parliament Wolfgang Tirse declared imposing on HDS the penalty in DM41,3 million The reason - falsification of financial reports on which basis the party has received the overestimated state grants for election campaign conducting in 1998. According to many observers, this penalty - only first signs: it can follow and others, for similar infringements of financial laws during those 25 years when Helmut Kohl was chairman HDS. Anybody not undertakes to predict a total sum of these penalties, but some mass-media notice that it can reach several hundreds millions marks. If it occurs, the party becomes the bankrupt and will stop existence.
the present penalty - the most serious punishment to which when - or the political party in Germany was exposed. Leaders HDS have declared intention to appeal against against this decision in court and promised to take voting about trust to a parliament management.
however, sotsial - democrat Wolfgang Tirse yet should not be afraid for the post - its party has the majority in the lower chamber. Much more serious fears should test the former leader HDS eks - chancellor Helmut Kohl, and also the chairman of the party and parliamentary floor leader Wolfgang Shojble.
Concerning Kohl its former supporters intend to submit the claim with the requirement to indemnify the loss caused to party. And resignations of Shojble have demanded many members of parliament from HDS. Deputies from federal lands Northern Rhine - Westphalia and Shlezvig - Golshtejn in whom this year will take place local elections especially are zealous. Local Christian democrats not without the bases are afraid that financial scandal will strongly lower their chances.
Shojble - one of Kohl`s the nearest associates - sacrifice not so much for its personal sins, how many as a ritual figure: for neobespechenie a due management. However, which - what sins charge also to it personally: recently he recognised that in due time has received DM100 thousand From the Canadian businessman of a German origin Charles Hajntsa Shrajbera and properly not zadokumentiroval this donation. Shrajbera now accuse of bribery and evasion from payment of taxes.
anyway, the destiny of Shojble is almost predetermined: next week re-elections of a management of fraction HDS will take place, and he has already declared that not begins to propose the candidature. And yesterday Shojble declared and the resignation from a post of the chairman of the party. Its leaving will mean the end an era of Kohl and transformations to a camp the oppositions dictated by a new political reality: wild young men as call generation 40 - summer in HDS, party updating for a long time demand.
meanwhile financial scandal around HDS while has obviously done good to one person - to the federal president sotsial - to democrat Johannesu Rau. Behind it too are found which - what sins. Him, in particular, accuse of abusing office position: In stay by the prime minister of the earth Northern Rhine - Westphalia Rau too was fond of flights by planes which were paid by one of local banks. But against scale abusings HDS free air flights obviously grow dim, and the German society already has almost forgotten about them.