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Game on nerves

Yesterday has forced investors to be fidgety. Majority quotations rossijs
  Game on nerves
Yesterday has forced investors to be fidgety. Quotations of the majority of the Russian actions have gone downwards from the very beginning of the auctions. At the same time, by estimations of traders, the negative news capable cardinally to affect the market, was not. And all event - no more than consequences of rough pre-election growth. However, occasions to speculative game, as usual, suffices. The day before the stock market of the USA has endured one more shock - index NASDAQ first minutes of the auctions has fallen off almost on 12 %. And though subsequently the situation was corrected (total decrease has not exceeded 2 %), the negative deposit remained. Besides and Dow Jones has not pleased investors, having corrected on Tuesday on 0,5 %.
Persevering sales of the Russian actions proceeded all the day long. Only by the end of the auctions when actions have lost in the price 5 - 10 %, bears have decided to have a rest. By this time, the volume of operations in RTS has exceeded $41 million that is considerable above average values. According to trader IK Aton Evgenie Startseva, in game on fall the Russian participants of the market took part basically. as to foreigners they dealt with by the problems, but yet do not thirst both to leave the portfolios, and to fill up them - the trader has told.
following the results of day the leader of fall became Rostelecom which actions have fallen in the price for 11,5 %. As trader IK " has noted; the Three - Dialogue Alexey Dolgih, the basis of list NASDAQ is made by the hi-tech companies. And for investors ` Rostelecom ` - actually unique company representing this sector among the Russian securities. Therefore and they also reacted to falling of index NASDAQ most painfully. The decision on Russian Open Society re-structuring UES of Russia the market has estimated while negatively. Therefore and company stock quotes have decreased more than on 6 %, having blocked achievements others blue counters . Actions Gazprom on MFB have fallen in price all on 2 %. According to representative IK Horizon Alexey Hapantseva, on a course of papers of the largest Russian monopoly, as the same news influence the market as a whole. However the share market Gazprom it is isolated from other market and not always follows it.
At the same time traders count on market growth. New decisions of the president as during the last days the Russian actions have considerably fallen in price can cause it. So, sodirektor IK Bransvik Varburg Denis Rodionov is assured that in Russia only news about new structure of the government can positively affect the Russian stock market.