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The astrological forecast

Thursday, on April, 6th
  the Astrological forecast
Thursday, on April, 6th

In comparison with yesterday`s it is just fine day. However and it not without lacks.
Today there will be a small astrological event: Venus passes as a sign of the Aries where will stay to the beginning of May. Venus concerns not only thin matters, emotions and passions, but also to business. And so, during this period the desire will achieve fast results huge that you will not tell about possibilities.
in the Aries Venus obviously not at home. Watch to accepting hasty decisions. In your forces to avoid the errors occurring from own nonsense.
Besides, Mars today incorporates to Jupiter that will cause a large quantity of events in business. Day as if is created for active people. Excellent time for display of the personal initiative and realisation of the most courageous creative plans. It is possible to glance today to the chief with any requests. Quite good time for the decision of career questions.
day approaches and for the analysis of the possibilities is a rare moment when you can estimate own forces quite objectively.
the moon in a Taurus - excellent time for personal and home life. The remarkable moment for dialogue with parents. And for those who has missed purchases, today there will come the present holiday.
the risk today is not counter-indicative to ARIESES. The main thing that it was not very much. And the mood at you will be hazardous. Joyful news: today you can earn easy money.
TAURUSES, for you begin quite good times: Planets are flown down as a sign of a Taurus where soon there will be their parade. Show consideration for arriving offers, after a while you become the irreplaceable employee. The main thing - to listen to opinion of associates.
at TWINS rich day on events. Nevertheless, your own way to stars lies through thorns. It is necessary to spend many forces to reach good luck. Be more active on work.
for CANCERS quite good day. Irreplaceable support will be rendered by friends. The period, successful for adjustment of partner relations. Quite good time for business expansion. However, you should search how to combine something cardinally new with the settled traditions.
LIONS will infect surrounding with the ideas. However there will be also ardent opponents. Try not to react to criticism roughly. You after all have all possibilities to soften a situation. Excellent time for Lvov - politicians.
for MAIDENS quite good day. At least, you such love. There will be many variants for a solution of a problem. It is possible to be engaged in calculations and a choice of best of arriving offers. The business scent will not bring you.
at SCALES unexpectedly - negadanno problems will start by itself to disappear, is perfect without your participation. Such coincidence of circumstances needs to be glad only. At you it is necessary to be engaged in time new affairs. Day approaches for public statements.
at SCORPIONS successful day. Most likely, all arriving offers will be tempting. Besides, it will be easy to you to find assistants among associates. Acquaintances (and at all very familiar) are glad to support today to you.
today much will seem to SAGITTARIUSES not clear. It is not excluded that it is necessary to be engaged in the work imposed to you. And any freedom of creativity! Not the most successful time for financial operations.
CAPRICORNS will get support from associates. It is not necessary to reject it. Besides, will pay steadfast attention of the arriving information, to statements of associates, activity of competitors. Conclusions can appear rather interesting.
AQUARIUS will have many questions answers on which will find difficult. Problems do not dare today diplomatic methods so it is necessary to show a strength of mind and to make rigid decisions. Can apply impact tactics.
FISHES do not need to accept categorical decisions even if the situation demands from you fast reaction. Do not trust the information arriving to you - most likely, you will be reached by the unchecked data. And in particular do not trust hearings.