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Business Moscow the client
Business Moscow the client

Representatives of bank " has brought; Business Moscow in which on Tuesday employees GUBEP the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Russia have conducted a search and have withdrawn a number of documents, assert that to bank did not arrive any claims from law enforcement bodies.
in extended yesterday the press - release is underlined that now the bank works in the usual mode, no restrictions on one kind of operations are present . In the document it is specified that concerning one of clients of bank the investigation, in this connection " is carried on; Business Moscow throughout last year Repeatedly and under the first requirement gave to law enforcement bodies all data necessary for a consequence and documents .

general investigation
the Moscow city military Office of Public Prosecutor (MGVP) Is finished has finished investigation on criminal cases about large plunders of budgetary funds by a number of officials of the Minister of Defence and Glavkomata of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The military public prosecutor of Moscow Alexander Ivanov has not specified, whom exactly from generals the Office of Public Prosecutor accuses of plunders. As he said, surnames accused will be named after they will familiarise with materials of affairs and will appear before court.
the Office of Public Prosecutor, according to its head, expects the answer to 22 of inquiry directed to law enforcement bodies of the USA, Great Britain, China, Switzerland, Cyprus, Israel, Sweden and other countries: in banks of these states have settled about $30 million translated there by military men - rashititeljami.

Three banks were plundered for an hour and a half
Yesterday in the morning by the armed criminals have made attacks on four branches of three French banks in the central areas of Paris, having stolen in total more than 120 thousand francs (about $20 thousand) . A press - the police service has informed that criminal groups, " operated some; but four robberies in one day is too .
the First robbery has been carried out about 10 mornings - two armed gangsters have rushed into branch of National national bank. In half an hour of three criminals have taken away a cash in bank branch Sosete Zheneral in parkway Sen - Zhermen. In 11. 40 on quay Orfevr where the office of criminal police of Paris, by the way, is located, two robbers have cleared cash desk of other branch of bank Sosete Zheneral . Almost during the same time two armed ladies in masks have devastated safes in branch of Insurance bank in the Strasbourg parkway. In one case of robbers it was not possible to detain. But the police asserts that on disclosing of crimes some days will be necessary for it - all robberies have been written down on the latent videocameras, and policemen know criminals in the person .
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Northern road has given coal
In Republic Komi, on a stage between stations Synja and I Will pour out the Vorkuta branch of Northern railway, on Wednesday 13 tail cars of a train, gruzhennyh coal were derailed.
the train consisting from 51 cars, followed on a route of Inta - Cherepovets (the Vologda area). Deterioration of rails became the Cause of accident, under the preliminary version.
experts under abnormal condition - railway service by the evening managed to restore movement. Victims and victims are not present.

It is withdrawn 20 thousand Spirit litres
During joint operation employees Privolzhsky RUBOPa and tax police of Saratov have withdrawn almost 20 thousand litres of illicit spirit. The information on the past through area transit of several KamAZah gruzhennyh import spirit, has arrived in RUBOP in the end of March.
field investigators managed to establish that one of KamAZov having separated from a column, remained in Saratov. Soon it has been found about one of apartment houses. In a body have found out 25 dvuhsotlitrovyh butts with spirit, and other cargo has been scattered on several garage co-operative societies in Leninsk and Factory disctricts of the city. In total 97 butts with spirit of which criminals assumed to make about 100 thousand bottles of false vodka are withdrawn.
eight participants of the criminal group specialising on manufacturing and sale of alcoholic production are detained.

Kirov have handed over in breakage
Across Yaroslavl the vandalism wave in which result the majority of local establishments suddenly have lost the signboards has swept. Collectors of metal have stolen signboards from buildings of city Pedagogical university, management of formation, city station junnatov, a museum building of Mitropolichih of chambers, the Kirov district court, a regional philharmonic society, military hospital and others. And in the city centre from a wall of a building of the Yaroslavl regional Duma the bronze bas-relief of the communist of Kirov which name names street has disappeared.
FEODOR - MAXIMS, Yaroslavl

Officers have preferred barracks to hotel
In military court of Omsk garrison eight processes over teachers of Tank engineering institute have taken place at once. Four captains and four lieutenant colonels were accused of plunders of the money which has been given out by it as advance payment on residing in hotels during business trips on garrison. Actually tankmen lodged in soldier`s barracks, money appropriated, and for the received advance payment reported false inquiries from hotels.
accused completely recognised the fault and have compensated to institute a material damage. The court has sentenced all officers to fines - from 70 to 110 minimum wage rates.

For a delay from service of a distance seven years
on March, 31st in Chelyabinsk the father of one of recruits has addressed in regional UFSB and has declared that the employee of a military registration and enlistment office extorts from it a bribe in $500 for a delay of the son from an appeal. And on Tuesday in Chelyabinsk at bribe reception lieutenant colonel Vladimir Bukreev has been detained zam the military commissioner of the Lenin disctrict of the city. The fault he completely recognised on the first interrogation. Now to Bukreevu threatens till seven years of imprisonment.
now military Office of Public Prosecutor together with the Chelyabinsk regional commissariat plan to spend complex check of validity of all given delays during the last years. In Chelyabinsk check will begin with the Lenin district military registration and enlistment office where the bribe taker served. Simultaneously the Office of Public Prosecutor has addressed to inhabitants of the Chelyabinsk area with the request to give the information on other similar cases.
DMITRY - ZOBKOV, Herman Galkin, Chelyabinsk

Mary El cut off from the world
the unique railway thread connecting republic of Mary El with an external world Is torn off: movement of trains on a line " is temporarily stopped; Joshkar - Ola - Moscow . The Track has literally vanished into thin air.
yesterday around lake Jalchik near a line the ground has given. The karstic funnel the area to 300 square metres and depth to 10 metres the edge has reached railroad tracks. Fortunately, on road to this moment there was no structure. Passengers who have got stuck from - for damages of a cloth of failure to a way from Moscow in Joshkar - Olu, have removed from a train and have sent in Mary El`s capital by buses. Now damaged site is fallen asleep by a ground.
as will lead a funnel Further and whether remains Mary El without railway communication with the world, experts - geologists should find out. According to the deputy director of the territorial centre Margeomonitoring Alexander Egorov, similar states of emergency with cloth damage to Mary El already happened, and, with the big share of probability, their repetition is not excluded.