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Direct speech

the Russian democracy endures the next drama. Despite all conversations about
  Direct speech
the Russian democracy endures the next drama. Despite all conversations that St.-Petersburg became at Jakovleve criminal capital of Russia to oppose it the uniform real candidate democrats and could not.
who could compete to Jakovlevym really?

Grigory Tomchin, the president of the All-Russia association of the private and privatised enterprises:
- Really at us democrats at all does not remain?! Where Chubays, Kudrin, Klebanov, Shevchenko, Khakamada?. They could give a good lesson Jakovlevu and in the first round. I will support Julia Rybakova. It was put forward recently, and pitertsy it love. For me it is not clear only why the Kremlin is silent! But if it is more convenient to Putin to shut eyes to that occurs in Peter we will not do it. To suffer Jakovleva further personally I do not intend also hands to this person never submitted and I will not submit. But it is a pity that Putin so has quickly forgotten the words which he spoke concerning death of the teachers Sobchaka .

Vyacheslav Pozgalev, the governor of the Vologda area:
- Peter for me - almost native city, I there studied. And, it seems to me, Jakovlev as the governor on the place, at me with it good relations. It seems to me that gradually the situation in a city becomes better. Is and still which - that that in it to Muscovites can be not clear: Peter - a proletarian city, and Jakovlev the person idle time, not secular. He, of course, lost Sobchaku in a lustre, but in Peter this lustre and is not necessary. I very much respect Matvienko and I appreciate. It one of the best vitse - prime ministers who at us were. With strong character and a lucid mind. It too on the place. I think, it is not necessary to push together such people, as Matvienko and Jakovlev. They are necessary there where they are now.

Alexander Volodin, the playwright:
- Oh as to me it is sad as this person is unpleasant to me! Its promises as - that do not reach me. Here he promised to lift pensions, and thieves and an other crime have risen only. Here Peter Shelishch from the Apple to me to liking. Good there would be a governor. Yes I am afraid, late already to twitch.

Alexander Nevzorov, the deputy of the State Duma:
- Really with Vladimir Jakovlevym general Durnovo - the general - the governor of St.-Petersburg who has died for a long time could be overcome for the power only. And among well real contenders at Jakovleva is not present. And such problem as a competition from outside Valentines Matvienkos, in St.-Petersburg never existed. Anybody seriously did not consider it as real applicant for a governor`s post. In my opinion, the darling I Bring down simply planted on money a little imidzhmejkerskih offices. Here they also took it for a ride ratings which actually was not and could not be.

Victor Maslov, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, mathematics:
- I am very upset by that there are all these manipulations connected with refusal by Matvienko from struggle for a post of the governor of Petersburg. I think that now the rating of Jakovleva in a city is not too high. And Matvienko would win it. And here to any promoted workers from right - like Khakamada - on these elections shines nothing. The person politically neutral and not having tearing away in the people could become the new governor. Stepashin, for example, or Primakov, or even Putin if was not the president.

Yury Boldyrev, the vice-president of Audit Chamber of Russia, the candidate in governors of St.-Petersburg:
- All who were put forward and will struggle with Jakovlevym. I do not think that the Union of Right Forces has a candidate who can make to us a real competition.

Alfred Kokh, the chairman of board of directors of the investment company Montes Auri :
- While from proposed candidates Igor Artemyev, in my opinion, is most perspective. It will collect votes much, but all the same overcome Jakovleva cannot. And in general, it is not necessary to search for the competitor to the present governor among Muscovites at all: do not love pitertsy inhabitants of Moscow. Therefore it is necessary to search for the applicant in Petersburg. Among officials - it is useless, it is necessary to look on large white business which has made alternative grey and black to a lawlessness that is created in a city. And a choice there the small. I would put forward Juru Rydnika, president BaltOnEkSiMbanka. It it is untwisted and language at it is perfectly suspended.

Boris Moshkovich, the chief executive of group of companies OLMA:
- Now all trumps on hands at Jakovleva. After Putin has indirectly supported it, having asked Matvienko to refuse elections, nobody can really compete to Jakovlevym. And earlier hardly could - despite active campaign for discredit of the governor, its rating all the same was three times above, than at Matvienko.

Egorov`s love, the sixfold Olympic champion on skis:
- On - to mine, the majority will vote for Jakovleva - Matvienko has quickly appeared and has quickly disappeared. And in general, lately at us became worse with sports, especially with winter kinds. At Sobchake in this sense it was better.

Peter Kozhevnikov, the writer:
- at us in Peter it is a lot of Worthy people. But elections at us will be uncontested is already a historic fact. And if for Berezovsky heart is not ill me, for Peter - very much even is strong. And I do not understand: present awful position - whether it from full poverty, whether all city have plundered. On our roads it is impossible to go - the second car I break, and I have found recently the dead vagabond in the underground. Probably, it is fast the Moscow princedom will separate, and Peter will depart Finland. It is said that mum Jakovleva - its big fan.