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Spring sale

On Tuesday in the world commodity markets the industrial goods and agricultural products with
  Spring sale
On Tuesday in the world commodity markets the industrial goods and agricultural products have again fallen in price.
on LIFFE the prices for coffee fell: May contracts on robusta coffee have fallen in price on $20, to $945 for ton. Participants of the market expect results of a meeting of Association of the countries - manufacturers of the coffee, passing in London. In the agenda the one and only question: how to raise the prices (in particular, members of association are going not to admit for the market of 6 million 60 - kilogramme bags of coffee of a new crop). However traders do not wait from a meeting of effective results and on the sly sell short.
small sales of nickel and aluminium at the London stock exchange of metals have led to reduction of prices to $9710 and $1518 for ton accordingly. Zinc has fallen in price to $1097, and copper was rolled away to levels of $1750 for ton. Nevertheless experts consider that demand from industrialists hardly probable will allow to continue bear game.
on London IPE on Tuesday the price of barrel North Sea brent - mixes has decreased on 2,9 %, to $23,80. On Nju - Jorksky stock exchange NYMEX reduction of prices on the West Texas crude oil has made 3,7 %. Speculation for the fall was provoked by statements of the Minister of Energy of Venezuela of Ali Rodriguez. He, in particular, has declared that the OPEC is ready to increase even more oil recovery volumes if higher levels of production co-ordinated in Vienna do not lead to expected parity between supply and demand. Market reaction confirms conclusions of analysts IPE that the OPEC it was possible to return at last former influence in the world oil market and to define its conjuncture. Now oil brokers tend to opinion that OPEC plans to enter a price band on oil have every chance to be realised. The preliminary confidential decision on introduction price plugs in $22 - $28 for barrel brent - mixes were already accepted at March session of the OPEC in Vienna. At the same time, according to experts, to the following Viennese meeting appointed for June, 21st, the OPEC will not accept new decisions on increase or oil recovery reduction.