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And one soldier in the sea

the Owner Oscar it has appeared the provincial artist
  And one soldier in the sea
the Owner Oscar it has appeared the provincial artist

In the cinema House has passed the first in Moscow posleoskarovsky display of an animation film of Alexander Petrov under Ernest Hemingway story the Old man and the sea . Petrov met as the new cinema guru from animation.

New Russian oskaronosets Alexander Petrov was born in Yaroslavl region, in village Prechistoe. After the termination of art faculty VgIka worked on film studios of Yerevan and Sverdlovsk. In 1987, in thirty years has ended the Higher director`s courses. Already its degree film the Cow (On Andrey Platonovu) has got to an Oscar nomination. A year or two from now in the same place there was its other animation tape - the Mermaid .
Petrov as Yury Norshtejna`s pupil and the representative of the Russian school of animation, is known for the adherence to the big literature and serious cinema. Its one more known film - the Dream of the ridiculous person - it is put on Dostoevsky. It is especially pleasant that its works are a success of Americans, whose multjashki have grown from absolutely other tradition.
however, Petrov is completely not alien also that is considered an accessory of children`s entertaining cinema. In Yaroslavl he has created a nursery multstudiju the Panorama and its graduates already receive prizes at animation festival the Goldfish . However to Petrov to work in the homeland all it became more difficult. Having received the order from Canadians on statement the Old man and the sea On Hemingway, the director has spent two years in Canada with the family (his son works as the artist, the wife - the director and promoutorom), and also operator Sergey Reshetnikovym. the Old man and the sea - kanado - Japanese - Russian koproduktsija, but Russia participates in it not money, and is exclusive talents of directors and artists.
so, the Old man and the sea Alexander Petrov`s fourth film. Four films, two nominations and one Oscar - unique result for any cinematographer, especially Russian. The technics in which it is unique also works. Petrov - one of few animators who removes in the technician live painting . Each change of a paint coat on glass gives sensation of movement and life in a shot. Technics difficult and very slow, therefore 22 - the minute film acted in film two and a half a year, and the tape budget has made $5 million
Uniqueness the Old man and the sea Consists also that the cartoon film is removed on a film of the widest in the format world - 70 mm. This format is intended for special cinemas Imax, which in the world meanwhile no more than two hundred. At these cinemas basically show scientifically - popular films about animals, space, falls, the sky, helicopters, cars - a word, about any miracles of the nature and technical progress. It is considered that thanks to that this format of a film possesses the fantastic permission, at spectators the effect of presence is created. In this format have seen the Old man and the sea the American academicians. In Russia while there are no cinemas capable to show films of this format, therefore high-grade hire is postponed without day. Besides in Russia producers have resolved to Petrov only club displays and in the House of cinema it showed a variant overtaken on a standard film of 35 mm.
the notice in the cinema House has happened the unknown. Last years it happens extremely seldom, and on displays of animated films does not happen almost never. This time public was allured by an image of the provincial - the hermit topped Oscar : an image which to everyone is easy for trying on on itself. To congratulate Petrov Oscar winner Nikita Mikhalkov has come even. Its occurrence has been arranged on - prezidentski solemnly. Minutes for five in foyer of the House of cinema there was its assistant Dmitry Piorunsky who with value has told to Petrov so that heard all: Nikita Sergeevich promised to come soon to congratulate the fellow countryman . And happens. Mikhalkov has congratulated and has remembered that it - Rybinsk . Meant that near Yaroslavl where there lives Petrov, Mihalkovyh had a manor.
the surprising further has begun. Petrov who has already obviously got used to the glory which has fallen down him, has started to refuse interview and in general in every possible way to wave away from pressing journalists. Mikhalkov has unexpectedly taken the part of the press and has begun conversation with Petrov, by the form private, but turning on a conversation course in high-grade a press - conference. Mikhalkov has set set of questions, and using that Petrov could not refuse to a colleague on Oscar, journalists have received at least is minimum necessary information. According to Petrov`s wife who all time pulled the husband a sleeve and complained about presence of television cameras and dictophones, he has told even a lot of superfluous .
But stories about strange overseas technology spodvigli Mikhalkov to invite a film the Old man and the sea on the Moscow festival. Having discussed a technical aspect of a film and having decided to call Luzhkov for four months to construct in Moscow a cinema suitable for display of films on 70 - a millimetric film Mikhalkov and Petrov have passed to discussion especially personal and become painful: to to a real voice of the Russian province . I very provincial artist - it is proud Petrov has told. today, the further from the centre, the more purely and more naturally - has solemnly raised a voice Mikhalkov. And there and then the invitation of one film on MKF has outgrown in the offer to make a retrospective show of all films, that is all four.
but itself the Old man and the sea not so it was pleasant to public. After viewing of the best English-speaking cartoon film of last year the hall was limited to modest enough applause. Became possible, of course, the reason that the Old man and the sea has been presented not in that film format in which it was seen by the American academicians. But most likely, to the Russian director have not forgiven especially American simplified nature in treatment of a literary plot. Our public has got used to absolutely other depth and complexity literary animated films, to no small degree thanks to Petrov, it to the Cow on Platonovu and to the Dream of the ridiculous person On Dostoevsky. Muffledly told politically correct stories about that, as the old person is a high-grade member of a society, it seemed insufficiently.