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The chronicle of financial scandal with HDS

  the Chronicle of financial scandal with HDS

the Tax police undertook investigation to find out on purpose, on what the donation of the dealer by weapon Karlhajntsa Shrajbera HDS at a rate of $500 thousand
1999 has been spent.
on October, 28th. There is begun investigation concerning bribes at sale in 1991 of spare parts from tanks of Saudi Arabia and purchase French Elf Aquitaine in 1992 of oil refining factory Leuna in east Germany
on November, 4th. The warrant on arrest of former treasurer HDS of Walter Lejslera Kipa for evasion from taxes in 1995 and concealment of the sum received from Shrajbera
on November, 5th. Bales rejects all charges and says that the donation of Shrajbera is necessary into the confidential account of fund HDS
on November, 8th. Kohl insists that neither it, nor leaders HDS, including Wolfgang Shojble, did not know about money of Shrajbera
on November, 26th. Former HDS Hajner Gajssler operating election campaign has declared that Kohl had confidential accounts
on November, 30th. Kohl will confess. The confidential accounts breaking the law which demands to declare party payments at a rate of more $10 thousand, exist. But it denies their use with a view of a personal profit
on December, 16th. Kohl recognises that in 1990 - h has accepted almost 2 million marks of confidential payments. Names of the people who have given money, Kohl refuses to name
on January, 3rd. Criminal case against Kohl
is brought on January, 10th. SHojble recognised that took from Shrajbera of 100 thousand marks cash, but has not declared money
on January, 14th. Kohl`s adviser for legal issues Manfred Kanter admits that in the earth Giessen the party forged movement of money and has put into confidential accounts in the Swiss bank more than 7 million marks
on January, 18th. At emergency congress of Shojble remains at wheel HDS. Kohl leaves it in the rank of the honourable chairman
on January, 23rd. Auditors have informed management HDS that at check it is revealed 12 million marks of not clear origin
on February, 4th. HDS confirms presence of secret accounts in the Swiss bank, and also that system black funds exists at least since 1971
on February, 8th. The head of Giessen branch HDS Roland Kokh admits that in 1998 has allowed to translate into party accounts a nonexistent loan in $700 thousand to hide remittance from dirty funds HDS abroad
on February, 15th. The speaker of parliament Wolfgang Tirze suggests to fine HDS on $21 million
on February, 16th. SHojble retires from post of the head HDS