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The judge have killed at the desire of the lawyer

the Supreme court has upheld a verdict of guilty on the first in Russia ugolov
  the Judge have killed at the desire of the lawyer
the Supreme court has upheld a verdict of guilty on the criminal case first in Russia about custom-made murder of the judge. Six years ago on a threshold of the apartment has been shot the vice-president of the Central regional court of Chita 65 - summer Valery Zarubina. The organizer of murder - the lawyer known in area Svetlana Boloshina. On a sentence of court it will spend to colonies eight years, and the executor of a crime thief Valery Plotnikov - fifteen.

Valery Zarubina has worked the judge in the Chita region 40 years and was reputed as the extremely rigid and uncompromising person. Having reached pension age, it has left was in legal profession, but has quickly understood that this work not for it, and has returned to court. Becoming the vice-president of the Central regional court, the Notch considered both civil, and criminal cases, and all Chita lawyers knew that to agree with it it is impossible: an imprisonment term below a limit established by the law, it will not give, and civil dispute will be won by the one who is really right.
in the beginning of 1994 to the Notch business about theft of cars " has got; Volga from garage of administration of the Chita region. One of accused, Valery Plotnikova, undertook to protect 49 - summer Svetlana Boloshina. It has worked in Chita the lawyer many years and had a reputation for the person with the big communications in the criminal world. Boloshina protected, in particular, two members of a gang of Ikonnikov, accused of six murders. Therefore young criminal Plotnikov not without the bases considered that with the defender to it has carried - Boloshina will manage to rescue it from prison which that in panic was afraid.
but after the lawyer has learnt about transfer of this business by the Notch, she has told to Plotnikovu that with this judge it is impossible to find common language. And for group theft to it shines already seven years of prison. If he does not want to sit - it should kill the Notch which, by words Boloshinoj, has spoilt life not to one lawyer.
Boloshina has brought Plotnikova to court, has shown it the Notch, and then has told, where she lives also what its daily routine. In particular, when she goes out of doors to walk a dog. On January, 24th, 1994 Carpenters with one of friends has arrived to the house of the judge and when it left doors, has shot it from a pistol. Then has reported about made on the lawyer, and together they have gone to court to look at reaction of colleagues by the Notch. Those were in shock as knew that household conflicts at the judge were not. The cause of the murder could be only in its professional work, they have solved.
for one and a half year of investigation the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chita region has studied hundreds the affairs considered by the Notch, has interrogated many criminals condemned by it and the participants of civil cases offended by its decisions. In the meantime business of Plotnikova has been transferred other judge, and on its sentence the defendant has gone for theft for some years to the Khabarovsk colony. Lawyer Boloshina has meanwhile come as - that in Chita UFSB to try to get freedom to one of gangsters and has promised in exchange to tell, who has killed the judge the Notch. Security officers have accepted conditions of the auction and have heard a surname of Plotnikova.
However inspectors of Office of Public Prosecutor understood that beginning thief Plotnikov could not go on murder of the judge independently and it, most likely, was custom-made. It was possible to them razgovorit friend Plotnikova who together with it was on a scene of crime. He knew and that Boloshina has instigated Plotnikova to kill the judge, and has then helped to hide material evidences. It he has in detail related all to a to the investigation. Soon the corpse of friend Plotnikova has been found on one of the Chita streets. Experts recognised that he has died of overdose of drugs. However to define, whether it has entered to itself(himself) a deadly dose, it was not possible.
the Office of Public Prosecutor has arrested Boloshinu and has brought its accusation in the organisation of murder of the judge. On court Boloshina denied the fault and has accused a consequence and regional UOP of business falsification. But in all admitted Carpenters, and Boloshina has understood that will be punished. For half an hour to a sentence she has run away from a court hall. Nevertheless the Buryat republican court has sentenced it for instigation to murder to eight years of imprisonment. Plotnikovu distances of 15 years of prison.
Boloshinu have found only in half a year in Moscow. Being wanted, it has appealed against sentence in the Supreme court, but unsuccessfully. To serve time it have sent in the Mordovian colony. Its Chita colleagues do not believe till now that Boloshina could organise murder, and worry for its health on the Mordovian bogs .
Murder Valerii Zarubinoj has shaken all Russian judges. Then, six years ago, congress of judges has addressed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the request to give out them the office weapon. Later there were corresponding law and the governmental order. But, referring to absence of money, the Ministry of Internal Affairs it does not carry out. The only thing that while has made judicial department for protection of judges - has insured their life in Ingosstrahe. The insurance is paid also to the adult son Valerii Zarubinoj. To the insurance company it will be compensated by murderers.