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The pickpocket in the House

the Author`s concert of composer Pavel Karmanova has taken place in the creative centre D
  the Pickpocket in the House
the Author`s concert of composer Pavel Karmanova has taken place in the creative centre the House . An occasion - in connection with personal 30 - letiem, and also with 25 - letiem creative life .

30 - summer Pavel Karmanov is not deprived yet ambitions. Well-known while to only narrow circle of party approvingly hooting in its address, it represented the compositions of appropriate solidity a baritone (all - taki the academist), and then - worrying, but also it is a little haughtily - directed executors on a scene. Master`s concern was felt: In a hall the set not only included, but also visitors absolutely far from modern music with whom Karmanovu would like to treat with something tasty has gathered.
the menu (on different appetites) contained two short film sketches (one Grigory Rerberg removed) with karmanovskimi opuses M & ` s and Music for fireworks ; a trio for a piano, a clarnet and a violoncello the Gift on birthday to itself ; 25 - summer prescription Opus first and for a dessert - Bier musik (for beer bottles and a synthesizer) and Music for an answering machine . If to judge under names, can seem that in our alternative culture in the form of ideas and real projects all it already met. But difference Music for fireworks from batagovskoj Music for December or, say, Opus first from martynovskogo Opus posth rather considerably.
I Remember, how still three years ago, having started live fires behind windows of the Rahmaninovsky hall on the prime minister Music for fireworks Pockets to much has seemed only radical oppositionist: Burn, conservatory! sounded unique implied sense of this composition. Today it is easy to understand that after two generations (room avant-guard and intuitive new simplicity) social positivism of such music is perceived neither much nor a poorly actual aesthetics. I would name it an aesthetics of the norm hammering in a business niche between handicraftsmen - nonconformists (the same oppositionists - radicals) and korporativno the tied production workers (we will tell, Mosfilm and telecomposers).
In a chamber trio, a gift to itself, Pockets (as well as its executors) all has allowed to feel objective benefit of its method - the elite invoice plus sparing structure, - a method which is not ignoring audience, but also not corrupting with its professional indiscriminateness. In to Beer music Pockets combined gudezh slowly drunk by group 4 ` 33 bottles with tone of the synthesizer (such here experiment), and mad temperament Music for an answering machine (Oleg Vedernikov`s conductor`s debut) has finished all to ecstasy.
to trust something kvelye pupils of a postmodern and postavant-guard haughty academists with their conviction have forgot in the same way, as well as: everything, except us, a pop-music . But this concert could reconcile both positions, having shown Pavel Karmanov - the minimalist is engaged in what, but equally and the historian - a cosmopolitan, the author of popular model of modern music with design impregnations academic (from Handel to Sviridov) and postvanguard (from Rajha to Nyman) classics.
the session has been finished by violent turn of well-wishers, anybody from which any more has not used fast preparation Happy birsday... . Music of Karmanova has sufficed.