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Population explosion

in Chinese kolumbarijah
  the Population explosion
in Chinese kolumbarijah

Shanghai city kolumbary has faced a problem: it becomes close, it any more in a condition to contain all wishing pochtit memory of the died relatives. The exit has been found in creation the Internet - a site with which help it is possible to visit kolumbary in a virtual mode.

the Idea to create the Internet - a site has appeared at management Shanghai kolumbarija on the eve of the Chinese holiday Tsinmin - the All Souls` Day. This day (the fourth day of the fourth month on a lunar calendar) Chineses visit tombs of ancestors. The number of Chineses and tombs of their ancestors steadily grows. Every year the quantity of urns in Shanghai kolumbarii increases on 100 thousand, and places remains all for six years. And already now relatives died are compelled to stand turns lasting many hours that on five minutes to come nearer to the necessary niche with an urn.
cremation became popular among Chineses rather recently - it contradicts the Chinese tradition. Died it is necessary to bury in wood or on a mountain slope where their souls can find calm. But after Dan Sjaopin bequeathed itself to cremate, and ashes to dispel, Chineses began to concern cremation much better. All kolumbarii were quickly overflowed, and to find places for new not so - that simply.
the management Shanghai kolumbarija tries to solve a problem at least partially - to lower number of live visitors. Relatives are offered to mourn over the relatives through the Internet. The site gives the chance to approach to a niche with an urn (in kolumbarii videocameras are established), to order the necessary music, flowers, candles and other attributes.
On a site it is planned to place also propagation of alternative forms of a burial place, for example, ashes dispersions over the sea. There already there are reasonings on caducity of life and uselessness of a perishable corporal cover for posthumous existence of the released spirit. Still recently similar reasons concerned official propagation the category of medieval superstitions. It appears, shortage of a place for burial places can lead to return to traditional views to death.