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Attempt at the mayor of Dushanbe

in capital of Tajikistan has been made Yesterday attempt at the mayor of Dushanbe by Mahmadsa
  Attempt at the mayor of Dushanbe
Yesterday in capital of Tajikistan attempt at the mayor of Dushanbe has been made by Mahmadsaida Ubajdullaeva. The mayor and its driver have not suffered, however severe wounds the former deputy minister of safety of Tajikistan has received Shamsulo Dzhabirov going with them in one car.

the Car of the mayor (office Chevrolet ) Has been blown up in 17. 29 local time when the mayor and Shamsulo Dzhabirov came back from meeting in the state joint-stock company Barki Todzhik . On one of versions, the mine has been strengthened under the car bottom, on another - on the car have at a short distance shot from an anti-tank grenade cup discharge. While it is not clear, who was the main target - the mayor or its companion, the former deputy minister of safety, and nowadays - the candidate under the list Is national - democratic ( presidential ) Parties.
for last month it already the third act of terrorism in the Tadjik capital. On February, 2nd the trip bus then was lost 7 has been blown up and was wounded more than 20 persons. And on February, 8th in city centre three charges of low power - fortunately have blown up, has done without victims. Who stands up for these actions, it is not known. The authorities declare, as before that act of terrorism it is directed on conditions destabilization in republic on the eve of the parliamentary elections planned for February, 27th .