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Alexander Pochinka`s advertising campaign

the Specification of expenses of the enterprises on the advertising, carried on the cost price, can
  Alexander Pochinka`s Advertising campaign
the Specification of expenses of the enterprises on the advertising, carried on the cost price, can be excellent. It will occur, if the State Duma accepts the second part of the Tax code. the tax code will allow to lower tax loading on the advertising market on 35 - 40 % - Minister of Taxes and Tax Collection Alexander Pochinok has declared, acting yesterday at the conference devoted to the taxation of advertising and PR - services. In exchange for decrease in taxes of Repairings has promised to toughen control over their payment.

Alexander Pochinka`s Plans on decrease in tax burden cover more and more tax bearers. To citizens of Repairings already promised to lower surtax, to the enterprises - to cancel taxes from a turn and to lower deductions in off-budget funds. Now the turn has reached and advertisers.
not a secret that the companies working in the market of advertising and PR - services, prefer to remain in the shadow and not to advertise the real incomes. Volumes of shadow business in this sphere did not undertake to estimate even Repairings. Nevertheless, work of PR managers now arranges Repairing. He has declared that two pre-election PR - campaigns have passed last is quite civilised also any innovations in this sphere of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection does not plan. But here how to legalise though a part of incomes of advertisers, the government has already thought - and has suggested to cancel the reference specification on the cost price of expenses on advertising.
earlier the specification of expenses on advertising made no more than 2 %. Aspiring to keep within it (any excess is assessed with the profit tax), the Russian enterprises or saved on advertising, or started grey schemes . Foreign manufacturers do not hesitate in means. The government has met the Russian manufacturers: on March, 15th, 2000 the Ministry of Finance has let out the order according to which since April, 1st the specification increased in 2,5 times - to 5 %. Now the government is ready to cancel the specification at all. But there will be it not earlier, than the second part of the Tax code which provides cancellation of this specification will be accepted.
under the change code will concern also the tax to advertising. Now the tax is paid directly by the advertiser. The Ministry of Finance has developed an order on which the duty on tax payment is assigned to advertising agencies. The tax to advertising - local, therefore will be won from introduction of a new principle of its payment first of all by budgets of those regions where the advertising great bulk is concentrated. For example, if the company from Ryazan places advertising in Moscow, all money will arrive in the capital budget.
repairings yesterday itself was engaged in advertising, having decided to impart tax bearers taste to good alcoholic drinks. He has suggested to soften restrictions on alcohol advertising. A substantiation medical: by words Repairing, from the use of poor-quality alcohol annually in Russia perish 30 - 50 thousand persons. but any person did not become the alcoholic from martini or well sustained cognac. We have made an error, having limited alcohol advertising. Thereby we have opened a way to poor-quality alcohol - the minister has summed up.
in exchange for liberalisation of the taxation of Repairings threatens with control toughening. In - the first, the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection is going to register importers. By words Repairing, now in Russia in import (it, by the way, it is actively advertised) are engaged an order of 600 thousand firms. From them only 5 thousand are diligent The others use import for export of the capital and leaving from the taxation. In - the second, serious tax checks wait for advertisers. The Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection together with the Central Bank and Currency - export control will check streams of a currency gain in the advertising market. And at the same time will check up payment of the VAT and salary payment. the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection checks 600 - 700 thousand tax bearers a year. Sooner or later we will check up all - has declared Repairings.