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Swindle is better than extortion

Novosibirsk regional court has considered case of the inspector city podrazdeleni
  Swindle is better than extortion
the Novosibirsk regional court has considered case of the inspector of city division of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of the Russian Federation Maxim Starostin. It recognised as the swindler and have sentenced to the conditional conclusion with a trial period.

in the Autumn of last year in BEND across Novosibirsk the anonymous letter in which it was informed on malicious infringements in financial activity of joint-stock company " has come; the Fort . This enterprise specialised on polygraphic activity and always regularly paid taxes. Check have charged to the skilled employee of department operatively - examination 39 - to summer Maxim Starostin.
Having gone to office of businessmen, the inspector directly from a threshold has offered them the protection and has declared: Infringements will be necessarily, and for 50 thousand roubles I will stop audit, without addressing for the help to the friends from RUBOPa and tax police . As it was found out then, this sum just did not suffice Starostin on purchase of new five-room apartment. Probably, without having satisfied with promises of businessmen to pay money, the tax specialist has taken away as a deposit all commodity documents of firm.
a few having thought, businessmen have decided not to pay and have addressed for the help in UFSB. There have developed operation on detention of the inspector. To take Starostin have solved with polichnym: security officers have supplied the applicant with a dictophone and money, having copied numbers of denominations.
the meeting of businessmen and the tax specialist has been appointed at a staff of the Siberian military district. As soon as the inspector has received a parcel with money, him have arrested.
to the inspector have brought accusation in extortion of a bribe and have sent in a pre-trial detention centre. Starostin categorically denied fault and has declared that its businessmen have slandered, and money was thrown by field investigators. Then criminal case has been retrained on swindle. In January, 2000 it has arrived on consideration in regional court.
daily in a hall of judicial sessions relatives and the friends, expecting occurrence of the inspector since early morning expressed to Starostin the support.
last day process of the defendant as have changed. Unexpectedly for all the inspector has burst out crying and frankly admitted a criminal conduct. It strewed citations from documents on pardon, decrees of the president about amnesty, the Geneva convention and was sorry. Judges have believed to Starostin`s repentance and have appointed punishment in the form of five years of the conditional conclusion with a trial period though to it threatened till nine years of a colony with confiscation. Besides, the inspector have deprived of a class rank.
Starostin has agreed with a judicial verdict and did not begin to appeal in higher instance.