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the Organizer of the auctions - competitive managing director Zinchenko N. M (an INN 381101211538, 664050, Irkutsk, street Baikal, 253, sq. 36; zinchenkonm@mail. ru; 335 - 624) informs on carrying out of the open electronic auctions in the form of auction on cost increase on property sales Open Company the Title (OGRN/ an INN 1033801552938/ 3811078638, SNILS 3801116834, the address: 664009, the Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, street Shirjamova, 40, of. 7), ( a prize, the name: the prize characteristic - initial cost in rbl. ): 1 1. The Debt receivable (Joint-Stock Company Irkutsk housing construction - problem to collecting) - 1500000 rbl.

the Venue of the auctions: electronic platform RUSSIA Online (www. rus - on. ru). Demands are accepted with 19. 11. 2011, in the working days on 14. 12. 2011 with 7 - 00 to 10 - 00 (on MV). To participation in the auctions are supposed jur. And fiz. The persons who have in due time made an application, with the appendix of documents: an extract from EGRJUL (period of validity no more than month from the date of delivery) and properly certified copies: the charter, the certificate on the state registration and statement on the account in tax department (for jur. Persons); an extract from EGRIP (period of validity no more than month from the date of delivery), certificates on the state registration and statement on the account in tax department (for IP); the documents proving the identity for fiz. Persons; translation into Russian of documents for the foreign person; the document confirming powers of the person on actions on behalf of the applicant; the documents, confirming deposit entering, certified bank details of the applicant. Documents for participation in the electronic auctions should be submitted through the operator of an electronic platform and are signed by a digital signature. The deposit is equal 10 % from initial cost of a prize, is brought on 14. 12. 2011 on a trace. To requisites: The account 40702810500000000980, barks. The account 30101810000000000840, BIK 042520001, the Crone - Bank (Open Company) Irkutsk. A step of auction of 10 % from initial cost of a prize. The beginning of representation of offers on the property price (tendering date) 19. 12. 2011 with 08 - 00 (MV). Leading of results of the auctions 21. 12. 2011 in 12 - 00 (on WILLOWS) to the address: Irkutsk, street the Dzerzhinsky, 35, 2 floor. The winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the greatest price admits. Results of the auctions are made out by the report on results of tendering. The conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale with winners of the auctions not later than 5 working days from the date of reception by the winner of the auctions of the offer on the conclusion of such contract. Full payment not later 30 - ti days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale. For the additional information to address on bodies. (3952 335 - 624.